Live it Now Gets Huge Results!
Published on December 5, 2016

Live it Now Gets Huge Results!

I created Live it Now because I knew it would be the best way I could fulfil my vision of making the world a better place one person at a time.

Every year, thousands of people attend Live it Now and transform their lives. The thing that brings me the most joy and happiness in life is seeing the results that people go on to achieve after they let go of the past, and focus on their future.

As 2016 comes to a close, I would love to share with you some of the achievements of people who have transformed with Live it Now.

Kat Millar

At Live it Now, Kat rediscovered her passion for helping women overcome mental and physical challenges so they could live the life they always wanted.

After saying goodbye to the corporate world, Kat Millar now enjoys life as a coach and speaker, helping people to transform their health.

Whether her clients want to lose weight, get fitter, become stronger, or work on their mindset, Kat has the tools to assist them with their transformation.

Read Kat’s story here

Ash O’Donnell

If you have ever attended our personal development seminar Live it Now in Sydney or Melbourne, you would have seen a video we play from one of our Live It Now graduates Ash O’Donnell who is the proud owner of Pilates X.

That video was made a little over 18 months ago, and I’m so excited to share the news with you that Ash has opened two Pilates studios in Sydney and has just launched two Bali retreats!

Read Ash’s story here

Jarrod Partridge

When Jarrod Partridge attended Live it Now, he was a shell of a person, barely existing. He would get up each morning and drag himself to a corporate job that no longer aligned with his values or skills, and was disconnected from himself and those around him.

Now, he has set up his own cycling tour company, and lives in Bali with his beautiful wife Honey, cycling through rice paddies and enjoying luxurious massages.

Read Jarrod’s story here

Dr Eunice Man

Eunice had spent a large amount of her life held back by fear, especially a fear of the things she wanted most. After attending Live it Now, Eunice was able to overcome the limiting beliefs she had carried about herself, and transform into a leader in her community.

Now, Eunice is a presenter and guest speaker who regularly host workshops for empowering women and mothers throughout Sydney.

Read Eunice’s story here

We have one last Live it Now for 2016 coming up in Sydney this weekend, the 10th & 11th of December. If you want to break through barriers and achieve your own great results, join us!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling


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