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We are definitely seeing a shift in our society’s attitude toward spirituality. What was once considered a bit ‘woo-woo’ or hippy is fast becoming on-trend and forming part of our daily lifestyle.

The App stores are filled with an abundance of meditation apps, yoga studios are popping up in abandoned retail spaces and mindfulness is now being practiced in major corporations.


The common factor to all of this is that it brings us back to a state of PRESENCE. You’ve heard about ‘living in the moment’ right? This is exactly what being present is all about. When you are completely present to yourself and a moment then you’re not living in the past (fear lives here) or in the future (anxiety is created here) and this is where you are at your most creative and resourceful.

You see, when you are present to a situation, you are able to filter out all the “junk in the trunk”, clear some mental space and gain a new sense of clarity – and this is where the fun stuff happens.


When we are present we have the ability to tap into what’s referred to as ‘Universal Intelligence’. Have you ever been in that state where all of sudden, ideas and creativity just comes rushing at you? It’s like you’re downloading new information that wasn’t there before and within that information is ideas that you can then create and share with others.

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This is how you find your passion and your true purpose. When you block out all the doubts, fears and negative self –talk and really connect to yourself, your heart, your mind and your intuition.

In fact, our ENLIGHTMENT NOW program will show you how to achieve just that. We combine the physical, mental, emotional and intuitive components of your life to help you gain a better understanding of what spirituality means for you and what your true purpose is so that you can live a more authentic and enriching life NOW.






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