Celebrating The Best Of 2016

Celebrating The Best Of 2016

2016 has been an incredible year of breakthroughs, discovery, and growth. An important step of any journey is taking time out to celebrate the wins, which is exactly what we are going to do! To finish 2016 with a bang, check out some of the results our students have been achieving, and get inspired to smash your own goals in 2017.

Azita Abdollahian

I’m happy to share my story with the world. It felt like I was in coma and everything was frozen for so long, and only after the Excellence Now course do I feel like I’m alive again and that thick ice that was all over me melted away. I have since expanded my business BeBe’s because of the massive emotional breakthrough I achieved. Thank you Matt and all of you lovely people!

Grace Savage

At the start of my journey I had no idea where it was going to go or what would happen. Through the Platinum Program I have changed direction immensely. I have become a better person and turned around my struggles to create my business Dating Success Academy and met my man, which would not have happened otherwise.

Renee Schembri

Prior to Breakthrough Bootcamp I was procrastinating a lot, just doing admin and paper shuffling. The ordeal set during that weekend forced me to evaluate my priorities and my future and I realised it was now or never so I got committed to the ordeal and then energy and creativity started to flow and I successful completed my challenge one week ahead of time.

I have proven to myself and to my beliefs that I have what it takes to be an awesome coach and a massively successful entrepreneur with my business The Ignite Movement.

Brandon Wescott

I’ve been on this path of “entrepreneurship” for about 8 years now, ever since an idea that came through to fruition at age 16 steered me away from the norm.  I thought I knew it all, going to Tony Robbins events and stuff, after all I was doing more than anybody else I knew my age!  But I wasn’t applying it.  Matt taught me that entrepreneurship is all about operating with no safety net, only then will you have the leverage to follow through.

After turning 24 during the Entrepreneur Now event, the best present I got given was being present to my unconscious patterns in business.  This one realisation of basically depending on other people in the form of partnerships to be successful, and it allowed me to focus on the business I’m in right now, not the five businesses I want to be in.

After demanding my power back from a “business partner” who was leeching off my efforts and going solo, my business has skyrocketed over the last three months and I’ve established and continue to establish strategic JV’s with my target market rather than splitting the pie.

Entrepreneur Now literally set the final foundation to my own personal success, it brought every single one of those eight years into action, and now I back myself more than ever, as I’m now on the road to doing six figures in MY OWN business and I’m only just getting started.  The sky is not the limit.  The sky is where I am.  Well worth the investment, and I get to come back every single year!

2017 kicks off with our powerful Live it Now weekend in Sydney on January 21 and 22. If it’s time for you to write a new story in your own journey, book now!

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