Dominant Personality – DISC Type Analysis
Published on March 30, 2017

Dominant Personality – DISC Type Analysis

At Live it Now when we speak about the DISC Personality Profile and how everyone has a different DISC type, we’re referring to four main personality traits: Dominant, Influential, Steady/Stable, and Compliant.

A dominant personality is someone who is direct and decisive. Dominant people are strong leaders, risk takers, and problem solvers who are very time and task focussed. Often a dominant personality may unintentionally upset someone in the workplace because they are focussed on the task at hand, while a different personality type may be focussed on how everyone is feeling.

Having a dominant DISC personality is no better or worse than any other personality type, they’re all just different, and every family, circle of friends, or workplace needs a blend of all DISC personality types to have a harmonious blend of people.

Are You A Dominant Personality?

If you are a dominant personality type, you would have noticed that people wasting your time is like a red rag to a bull. Whether it’s in the queue at the supermarket or in a business meeting at the office, people who go off on tangents rather than focussing on the task at hand will set you off.

You’re task and time focussed, and these people aren’t on task and worst of all, they’re wasting your time!

You may also find that when the chips are down and there is a stressful situation or deadline to be dealt with, that your dominant DISC personality comes out without you even realising. When possible, you should try to forewarn friends or colleagues that you’re focussed on getting the best result possible for the task at hand, and any feedback you’re providing isn’t personal.

Once the pressure has been released and the stressful situation is over, make sure you create a space where people who may have been on the receiving end of a dominant outburst can let you know how they felt in the situation, and put a strategy in place for future situations.

Being a leader means you have a responsibility to people, responsibility means your ability to respond. As a leader, stressful situations will keep happening, you can’t change that, however you can change your ability to respond to them.

Communicating With a Dominant Personality

If you have ever been on the receiving end of an outburst from someone with a dominant DISC personality type, it probably wasn’t much fun. The good news is it wasn’t personal, they were simply focussed on getting the task at hand completed in the fastest time possible.

The even better news is you can learn to communicate with a dominant personality in a language they will understand!

You see, the dominant DISC personality types greatest fear is being taken advantage of, and often people are scared to tell a dominant personality about how they feel.

To communicate in their language, talk quickly! Dominant personalities hate fluff and small talk, it wastes their time and time is of the utmost importance to them, so get to the point. Ask them questions! The dominant DISC personality likes to be the authority, so let them be the expert.

When you’re speaking with them about a project or something you want, speak in terms of goals, time, and results. Be direct about what you want and how you feel, and what the outcome will be. Again, no fluff, hit them with the facts and figures!

The Dominant Personality

As you can see, the dominant personality likes less talk and more action. A natural leader, the dominant personality is an absolute asset to have on your team in a crisis because they will step up and lead by example.

At Live it Now we help you uncover what DISC personality type you are, and give you tools to communicate with all different personality types. If you would like to learn this vital communication skill, register for our next Live it Now weekend today.

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