A business will never outperform the skill-set or psychology of the leader

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NLP For Business Development

Most business owners don’t realise how much their mindset affects their business, and just how much it relates to how they communicate with their staff and customers.

One of the key things you must have in order to grow a business and to grow as a leader, is resilience.

You need to be able to push through obstacles that others simply can’t.

Business is often about solving problems. Whether it be problems with staff, problems with customers, or problems with your product or service.

If your mindset is not bulletproof, you will get stuck in these problems, and the business simply will not grow. It will stay stationary, or worse, may even go backwards.

The most successful business people learned early on that a business will not outperform the psychology or skill-set of the leader. They had the skills, they had to develop their mindset. This is why studying NLP is so crucial for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to grow fast.

There are many ways to measure success as a business owner. Money is only one of them. The number of customers, the strength of your brand, your customer satisfaction and staff retention are others.

As a business owner success can be measured by something even bigger. Your social impact.

Are you making a positive difference in the world?

This is the greatest satisfaction you can experience as a business owner.

If you feel like you are missing something critical in your business model it could be your social impact.

Get reconnected with yourself, with your customers and with your community and get your business giving back in fulfilling and inspiring ways.

Open doors to exciting collaborations, be inspired for growth and learning and bigger impact. Change the world.

Learn some of the most powerful and safe tools in the business industry to get you ahead of the competition, ready for anything and on a bigger goal plan.

Make a difference to those around you and deeply impact the people you do business with.

Engage in a training course with a like minded people and proven professionals, committed to transforming to a better, happier world.

Excellence Now is all about creating excellence in your life and the lives of others through the use of NLP based Rapid Change Technologies. If you have ever wanted to understand WHY you think, communicate and behave the way you do then this course will blow your mind!

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When his father enrolled him in his first NLP course at age 12, Matt’s life became destined for excellence.

Having previously been wracked with learning difficulties, written off by his teachers, and with zero self-confidence, that introduction to NLP ignited a spark in Matt, which turned into a blaze of passion for the study of excellence in psychology.

Not only did one NLP course completely change the trajectory of Matt’s life, it has since changed the lives of over 100,000 people who have completed Matt’s trainings.

By understanding how his psychology works through NLP, Matt launch his first business at age 19. By age 26, Matt was instrumental in having a business reach the BRW Top 100 Performing Companies.

Over the last 20 years Matt has been a pioneer in this industry, launching The Institute of Behavioural Science, The Troublemakers, and one of Australia’s leading personal development companies, Your Future Now.

He has helped raise almost $1 million for charity, travelled to the most remote parts of the world to study with some of the greatest minds on the planet, presented to packed houses across the globe, and is now considered by some as a world-leader in helping people transform.

And for all of this success, Matt attributes it to one thing: completing the NLP course his father enrolled him in at age 12.

The culmination of Matt’s studies in NLP have all been put into one hands-on course: Excellence Now.

We call this course Excellence Now because by completing it, you will master excellence in your life in three vital categories.

  • Excellence in your psychology
  • Excellence in your communication
  • Excellence in your behaviour

Excellence Now has been created to be an interactive, hands on NLP course, with a rapid learning approach that moves people to a position of excellence in the most effective, fun and desirable way possible.

We have a lifetime-resit policy, because we want you to have excellence for life!

Not only do you get our lifetime-resit policy, but you also get the most comprehensive support in the personal development industry.

You get:

  • Lifetime resit policy, so you can attend Excellence Now as often as you like (held at least twice per year!)
  • Post-event fortnightly webinars to help you overcome any challenges, plus deeper embed the learnings from the classroom.
  • Access to our closed Facebook group where you can help others, and ask for help if you need it.

What we find is when you attend Excellence Now, you get a complete breakthrough in your psychology, communication, and behaviour, and in turn you then want to share this experience with the people you care the most about.

Excellence Now gives you three certifications in one.

Backed by the Institute of Behavioural Science and the American Board of Hypnotherapy, graduates of our Excellence Now programme are eligible to received three certifications.

  1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  2. TimeLine Therapy
  3. Hypnotherapy

The challenge for most people is they are either stuck in the past, or stuck in the future.

Past fears, doubts, and phobias.

Future worst-case scenarios and anxieties.

Imagine being able to eliminate these fears and anxieties from your life in six days, then having the ability to tap into the full potential of all your mental and emotional resources, to live a life beyond anything you can currently imagine.

With Excellence Now, that is exactly what happens.

In the days, weeks and months after you complete your Excellence Now training, you will notice your confidence and certainty growing, without you needing to do anything.

Social anxiety? Gone. Fear of failure? Gone. Bad habits that stop you achieving success? Gone.

You may have heard the saying ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, this is exactly what many NLP companies will teach. They fill you with false hope and bravado, then send you out into the real world.

We prefer to say ‘faith it ‘till you make it.’

This means have faith in yourself, in your ability to develop excellence in your life, and your ability to implement the tools you receive at Excellence Now into everything that is important to you.
Let us help you master NLP the right way.

Featured on the Australian Apprentice, formerly Miss World 2006, Miss World Asia 2007, says: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of courage, perseverance and insight I have learned to display in all my business and personal dealings. Matt is one of those rare things – a coach who guides and prompts with such subtlety and skill that one cannot help but be persuaded, motivated and inspired. You will see progress where there was none before.”


Singing Sensation formally from the best selling pop group Bardot, says: “Believe it or not there was a time in my life when all seemed doomed. After I decided to get coaching from Matt, I found all of that began to change...”


Award winning newsreader and writer for Womens Health & Fitness Magazine, says: “I have increased my confidence and decided to quit my full time job and persue my passion. I have now increased my income within only two weeks of finishing the course. On top of this I have had a life long battle with binge eating and was able to cure this within minutes with an intervention with Matt. Thank you.”


Excellence Now is all about creating excellence in your life and the lives of others through the use of NLP based Rapid Change Technologies. If you have ever wanted to understand WHY you think, communicate and behave the way you do then this course will blow your mind!

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