Are you in survival mode?
Is it time to recharge the batteries with ultimate Life Recharge?

If you’re not systematically rebuilding and recharging your energy and your life force, you will hit burnout.

Ultimate Life Recharge has been set up to do the most important thing in life, which is to recharge your energy, and recharge your life force. This 5-day program will help you work on your soul, identify opportunities that are present around you, build your energy in a paradise setting, and discover where you’re switched on, and where you’re switched off in life.

This retreat is not like a typical ‘detox program’ or ‘health retreat’. This is a fun program, where you can choose from activities such as personal training, yoga, meditation, beach parties, conscious movie nights, education, and spur of the moment adventures!

Ultimate Life Recharge has been set up to help you:

  • Take a break from the day to day ‘doing’ so you can get back to ‘being’
  • Learn about the power of being in the moment, in the ‘now position.
  • Understand more about how your body works and what it needs.
  • Learn techniques you can use to relax and rewind every day.
  • Take back control of your life

Peter Lawson talks about his Ultimate Life Recharge experience

Peter was struggling.

He was burnt out from running his business, and his results were going backwards.

Then he backed himself, and came to Ultimate Life Recharge to press the reset button and get his life back on track!

This is what he experienced…

Our Experts

Introducing Matt Catling…

Matt Catling is the founding director of the Your Future Now group of companies.

At just 12 years of age, Matt studied Neuro Linguistic Programming. At 19 he trained as a life coach and business consultant and is now recognized as one of Australia’s leading experts in Coaching and NLP. Matt helped grow one of the biggest life coaching companies in Australia, reaching the BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies.

Matt will be help you breakthrough to a new level of performance with his NLP sessions at Ultimate Life Recharge.

Introducing Michael Adamedes…

Michael is a personal development facilitator, public speaker, teacher, counsellor and leader in the field of Inner Peace Mastery. With extensive experience as a private practitioner for over 30 years, Michael Adamedes has led the study of Inner Peace Mastery with many ‘firsts’, both within Australia and across the globe.

Michael is going to take you on a spiritual journey, helping recharge your energy. Meditation will never be the same after an experience with Michael!

Introducing Luke Britton…

Luke completed an undergraduate degree in Exercise & Sport Science, prior to completing his Masters of Physiotherapy. Luke has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry and has combined his knowledge of Exercise Science with Physiotherapy.

Luke launched Momentum Physio to help clients be pain free and move into high performance, now boasting six practices. Momentum Physio is now the leader in Physiotherapy in Australia.

Luke is going to help you with mobility, flexibility and pain relief, to help you move into high performance after Ultimate Life Recharge.

Introducing Denise Catling…

Denise has 30 years experience in Naturopathy and Herbalism, and has also run cardiac wards in Sydney, plus assisted as an operating theatre sister to some of Australia’s leading doctors.

Denise Catling is an expert at helping you recharge your batteries through diet and nutrition.

Introducing Stephanie Miller…

Steph has run successful beautician businesses, being one of the first to launch a mobile massage service in Sydney.

Steph is also a leading chef, owning her own restaurant that receives industry awards and rave reviews from guests. Steph is going to run alkaline cooking classes and provide relaxing massages to take you Ultimate Life Recharge to the next level.

When we handle the basic stresses in life such as money, health, relationships and emotions we free up energy and space psychologically to tap into our true genius.
Matt Catling