Live It Now Story – Life Coach Live Interventions

Live It Now Story – Life Coach Live Interventions

Presenting at Live it Now has always been one of my greatest passions. As a Sydney life coach, I feel like it is the best way I can give back to my community, and seeing years of doubt and worry disappear from a participants face after a live intervention is such a rewarding experience. I love when coaches tell me about the first breakthrough they achieve with a client!

By using NLP techniques, a coach is able to help a person change or remove decisions and beliefs that have been keeping them stuck. After consistently coaching clients one-on-one or in small groups, a Master Coach will develop the confidence in themselves and confidence in the process to be able to do this with an audience, no matter the circumstances.


People love stories, they help us to feel. A good story can motivate, empower, and captivate the masses. The best coaches are good storytellers, which means they can deliver a metaphor that helps embed the educational content in the audiences mind.

Many people who attend Live it Now, or any of our trainings, recall the stories we tell as their favourite part of the event. An absolute master of storytelling was Milton Erickson, which is why we have the Milton Model in NLP and hypnosis.

I also love that Erickson was a bit of a troublemaker at heart. One famous quote was when Erickson asked a student why she was attending one of his five-day seminars and she replied that her teacher suggested she attend before Erickson died. His response? “You tell him that dying is the last thing I intend to do.”

Overcoming Limiting Decisions

What is a limiting decision? A limiting decision shapes everything you do. It holds you back. It can stop you from seeing opportunities, or it could mean you see the negative in a situation that another person may see as positive. From limiting decisions, we develop limiting beliefs.

If as a child I may miss a goal that loses the game for my team, I could make a decision that ‘I’m not good enough’ to play football. This decision is reinforced whenever I make a mistake, and grows into a belief around ‘not being good enough’ that starts to play out in most if not all areas of my life. I have a limiting belief that’ I’m not good enough’ to play for the Swans, but since I’ve never wanted to play for the Swans, it doesn’t matter! However, if I held a limiting belief such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t present in front of an audience’ then it would be impossible for me to present at Live it Now.

One of the most powerful things a Master Coach can do is to help a participant let go of a limiting decision with an audience. By doing this, approximately one-third of the room also experiences a breakthrough, enabling the coach to help more people in a faster time frame.

It also positions the coach as an authority, as they have to dive into their NLP toolkit to build rapport with the participants, have a laser focus on the person they’re working with to pay attention to sensory acuity, and they have to go in with total confidence in their communication skills with an expectant audience eager to see what the outcome will be.

Root Cause Therapy

Root Cause Therapy applies a therapeutic process to the idea that our unconscious mind stores our memories in a linear manner; a timeline. This is a powerful process for letting go of limiting decisions and negative emotions and is an intervention you would have no doubt seen performed live at a Live it Now event.

When presenting to an audience, using going back to the root cause of a limiting decision to help a participant move forward is a great intervention to use because the person doesn’t need to relive the event, and the practitioner doesn’t need to know the content that led to the limiting decision or negative emotion being formed.

Not having to consciously understand or verbalise the event also speeds up the process, and means the participant will feel at ease as they don’t have to re-experience a past event that may have been traumatic in a public setting, which will allow them to let go of the decision and move on with the rest of their life!

Parts Integration

How often have you said to yourself ‘I’m going to attract the perfect relationship’ only to turn off your phone or delete your online dating profile? This happens when part of you wants to attract a relationship, but part of you is getting an unconscious need met by staying single. You have conflicting parts that need to be integrated.

Parts Integration is a process we teach in Excellence Now and often use for live interventions at Live it Now. By identifying the internal conflict and the parts involved, we are able to separate the persons’ intention from their behaviour, and eliminate unwanted behavioural patterns in minutes. Sometimes it can take more than a few minutes, and I have had clients refer to this process as ‘arm yoga’ given the position they are required to hold!

Live Interventions

If you are a coach who is regularly working with clients, and you are receiving coaching to let go of your own limiting decisions, you are well on your way to being able to complete live interventions in a crowded room. To learn more and see them first hand, I would love to have you come along and crew at a Live it Now so we can show you the process up close.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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