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Coach Now is one of Australia’s best coaching training for coaches who actually want to get out and make it big in the coaching and consulting industry.   It has also been setup to give YOU a complete life transformation in the process so that you too can be a shining example!

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Matt Catling Matt Catling Author
This course does not have any sections.
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  • We offer a LIFETIME re-sit policy so that you can maintain your qualifications and create mastery as a coach
  • Our course also INCLUDES niche modules – HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS so you don’t have to do another course (saving you thousands)
  • You will obtain the highest certifications with The Institute of Behavioural Science and have the opportunity tap into a huge amount of support from the psychology community
  • Our course offers a built-in business system so you can create the coaching business you desire almost immediately
  • You will be learning from the absolute BEST in the industry. Other companies use Matt Catling’s trainings nationwide but you’ll be learning direct from him!

Course Information

Course Instructor

Matt Catling Matt Catling Author
This course does not have any sections.
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 Coach Now Course

Are you always being told that you have a natural way with words and always make others feel good about themselves?

Do you have a natural passion to reach out and help others create meaningful changes in their life, love, health, business or whatever your heart desires?

If you answered YES, then coaching could be the perfect avenue for you.

There’s no denying the popularity that has seen the coaching industry explode in recent years, however coaching can take on so many forms and is highly adaptable –it’s really up to you how you decide to utilise your new skills.

Coach Now is great for teachers that want to get out there and empower their students’ it is amazing for parents who want the best for their kids and it is a necessity for managers that want climb the corporate ladder and inspire their staff and create high achievers. However, Coach Now is crucial for coaches and consultants that want to be successful in the industry, share their message and help others.

Coach NOW is one of the most advanced coaching systems on the market place today.  After close to 20 years of research, coaching and working with over 60,000 clients we have developed a coaching system that gets rapid results.

Coach Now combines a number of powerful disciplines, including:

  • Positive psychology
  • Advanced communication patterns
  • Language patterns
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Advanced Coaching dynamics
  • Rapid Change Technologies
  • Consulting modules

Our research shows that after working with so many thousands of people that just simply setting a goal, doing some planning and setting tasks is not enough to actually get breakthroughs with clients.

The human psychology is much more intricate and complex and a thorough understanding of psychology and behaviour is necessary to get breakthroughs with clients.

This is exactly what we teach you in the Coach Now Training and it’s no wonder why our graduates are some of the most successful in the industry and regularly have spots on television and radio.

If you want to be successful in this industry, look no further.   We have a package that will ensure success, with our lifetime re-sit policy on our trainings and our community of high achievers.

All that you need to do is keep showing up until you’re successful, which is why we say “90% of success is just showing up”

If you have a desire to empower people and yourself, live life on your terms and experience complete freedom in life and business, then don’t wait, Coach Now is the training for you.

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