About Rapid Change Technology

Rapid Change Technology (RCT) has been developed after working with tens of thousands of people on all areas of life. RCT’s sole focus is on follow through. So many therapies and processes out there look at a person as ‘one size fits all’.

With RCT we incorporate a number of disciplines because every single person is different, and every single person is at a different stage of development:

– Some people need psychological work to break through barriers and challenges.
– Some people need coaching to stay focussed, disciplined and follow through.
– Some people need the best strategies to improve their life or their business.

Rapid Change Technology is broken into three components:

1. Root Cause Techniques

NLP based Root Cause Techniques are designed to get a person from being stuck in the past; past fears, past hurts, past stories that a person can be tells themselves over and over again. Conversely, a person can be stuck in the future, obsessing over the worst case scenario. Both these positions will often keep a person stuck in a metaphorical jail. Root Cause Techniques are simply designed to get the person back to the ‘Now Position’. The power is in the present!

2. Rapid Coaching Techniques

Once you stop living in the past or the future, you become present to opportunities. Clarity starts to unfold. Rapid Coaching Techniques are designed to help you become empowered, disciplined and focussed. These coaching techniques use the ‘I AM SMART Goal Setting Technology’. With advanced planning techniques and educational components designed to build confidence and have you look at the world in a new way, this technology is designed to help you uncover your passion!

3.Rapid Consulting Techniques

Rapid Consulting Techniques are specific strategies on how to improve one or more areas of life.

Step by step strategies, modelled off the most successful people on the planet. People who are achieving incredible results in life and in business. These strategies will fast track someone that is in the ‘Now Position’, has a goal, has a plan, and is in momentum. These strategies dramatically accelerate your road to success.

Rapid Change Technology is fast becoming recognised as The Science of Follow Through. We are often able to take the worst procrastinator, and help them achieve excellence in rapid time frames, because as Matt Catling says, “Procrastination doesn’t exist.”

Come along to Live It Now, or book a strategy session with one of our experts, and experience the power of Rapid Change Technology today.

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