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There’s probably not a human on earth who doesn’t wish they had more of it. Have you ever wondered though how some people just seem to always be able to attract money whilst others live week-to-week, pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque? Can you relate to that? You save and save only to sabotage your efforts by splurging (or rewarding your efforts) and going back to square one. You pay credit cards off with other credit cards.


It’s a frightening fact to know that Australian’s owe over $43 billion in credit card debt. That’s an average of $4,300 per person. Wouldn’t it be great to get off this cycle and start to create your own wealth? If you are constantly focusing on ‘not being broke’ or in a mindset of “ I’d love to have this/do that but I can’t afford it” then there’s a good chance that you’ll never get off the hamster wheel because abundance comes from having a positive money mindset.


Have a look at your own purchasing behaviours. Do any of these scenarios ring true to you?

  • I’m feeling really flat – I think I need some retail ‘therapy’
  • I will definitely feel more confident in those shoes
  • I’ve been so good lately, I deserve that treatment
  • Errrghh, I’m so pissed off – I need a night out on the drink

You see, our purchasing behaviours can say a lot about what’s really going on with us. We can also be faced with certain money blocks or have beliefs about money at an unconscious level. Have you ever thought about how your parents talked about money and what your beliefs are now?

Do you believe that you are worthy of wealth or do you believe you’ll never be wealthy?

Do you believe that only the rich get richer?

Are you in a mindset of lack or abundance?

Everyone is deserving of wealth, however it’s our own values and beliefs that hold us back from achieving it. Let us guide you with expert advice and mindset techniques with our Wealth Now program. It is designed to get you back on track with your finances and start creating lifelong wealth.

To help get you started, we’re offering you a FREE copy of Think Rich to get you thinking a little differently because you deserve an abundance of wealth NOW!

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