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There has never been a better time for Australians to become Entrepreneurs. With traditional industries scaling back, redundancies on the rise and the information age creating infinite opportunities, creating your own business has never looked so good.

In fact, we are seeing an exciting trend of new start-up companies emerging who are revolutionising the way we think about business and how business will look for our future.


More often than not, these start-ups are simply finding solutions to modern, everyday problems. Think about successful companies like Facebook, Apple, Uber, Airbnb, Boost Juice and Lorna Jane. They were all started because the owner of the company saw a gap in the market they knew they could fill.


Have you ever had a business idea but thought “I couldn’t do that”, “What will people think”, “ I can’t afford to be my own boss”. Let us tell you. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging experiences anyone could ever go through but it’s also incredibly rewarding from both a personal development perspective and a wealth perspective.


Now, we want you to imagine for a moment. Close your eyes and think:

What would you do if money were no object?

What is it that you are truly passionate about?

If you could do anything in the world what would that be?

Notice how different that feels in your body. You’re probably smiling, thinking about the freedom you have. The time you could spend with your family. The knowingness that comes from helping others with your product/service.

Here’s the thing. Your PASSION is your compass and MONEY follows passion.

Now we’re not saying you should quit your JOB (Just. Over. Broke) tomorrow but what we are saying is that if you’ve been holding onto an idea but have been fearful to launch it then we can help.

We offer an incredible program, Entrepreneur Now that’s designed for dreamers, risk-takers, movers and shakers who want to launch their own business but need the right information and support to do so.

We’ll show you the best sales techniques, systems, technologies, how to influence others and create a business vision to ensure your business and YOU get the best start.

“There is never a good time to start a business, but the best time to start is always NOW”

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