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Excellence Now is all about creating excellence in your life and the lives of others through the use of NLP based Rapid Change Technologies.  If you have ever wanted to understand WHY you think, communicate and behave the way you do then this course will blow your mind!

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Matt Catling Matt Catling Author
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5 Reasons you should do NLP Training with Your Future Now

  • We have the highest national and international NLP training certifications through the American Board of NLP
  • We are backed by The Institute of Behavioural Science, bringing psychologists and practitioners together to provide the highest level of support
  • We offer a lifetime NLP course re-sit policy, so that you can continually show up, learn and create mastery fast
  • Our NLP practitioner graduates are some of the most in demand speakers in the country and can be heard on radio and TV
  • Matt has been applying NLP training techniques since the age of 12 and has created programs and trainings that have been used by other coaching and training organisations.
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Why choose us to do your NLP training?

  • With our trainings you get a lifetime NLP Training re-sit pass, that’s right! you get this training for life! We suggest that you re-sit this NLP training a minimum of 3 times, to create mastery.
  • Our NLP trainings are constantly being updated every quarter based on the research that we are consistently doing, so with our life time re-sit policy you will be armed with the latest information.
  • Matt Catling has grown businesses to hit the BRW top 100 fastest growing companies at age 27, has been running businesses for more than half his life and has now consulted and educated over 70,000 people nationwide.

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