2017 Event Calendar Released

2017 Event Calendar Released

Sure, there’s still a lot of events coming up in 2016, however, the team at YFN HQ have been working away tirelessly in the background to book in event dates for 2017!

Many of our favourite trainings have already been booked in, with Excellence Now set to create excellence in Sydney and Melbourne in the first half of 2017.

New to the calendar for 2017 will be our Ultimate Life Recharge!

One of the key things in life is energy. It’s also often overlooked.

If you’re not systematically rebuilding and recharging your energy and your life force, you will hit burnout.

Ultimate Life Recharge has been set up to do the most important thing in life, which is to recharge your energy, and recharge your life force.

This 5-day programme will help you work on your soul, identify opportunities that are present around you, build your energy in a paradise setting, and to discover where you’re switched on, and where you’re switched off.

This retreat is not like a typical ‘detox programme’ or ‘health retreat’. This is a fun programme, where you can choose from activities such as personal training, yoga, meditation, beach parties, conscious movie nights, education, and spur of the moment adventures!

There will be plenty of Troublemakers events coming in 2017 too. We have our infamous Troublemakers One Day Disruption event on Saturday 4 February, where we will run amok in the Sydney CBD!

Live it Now will kick off 2017 in Sydney next January, and will be back in Melbourne in March. And in exciting news, we’re taking Live it Now to Newcastle on the weekend of February 11 & 12!!

Stay tuned for announcements of more events, as well as confirmation of event dates for the second half of 2017.

Live it Now:

21 & 22 January – Sydney

11 & 12 February – Newcastle

18 & 19 February – Sydney

18 & 19 March – Sydney

25 & 26 March – Melbourne

22 & 23 April – Sydney

20 & 21 May – Sydney

24 & 25 June – Sydney

Excellence Now:

28 Feb to 5 March – Sydney

April 2 to 7 – Melbourne

Coach Now:

30 Jan to 3 Feb – Sydney

Ultimate Life Recharge:

March 7 to 11 – Mystery Location

The Breakout:

Starts January 2017 online

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