2019 NLP Courses in Sydney

2019 NLP Courses in Sydney

If you’re looking to take part in a life-changing NLP course in Sydney in 2019, then our two-day introduction and six-day intensive courses are perfect for you.

Live it Now is our introduction to NLP, and is a powerful event for wiping your emotional slate clean and laying the foundation for a life full of passion and purpose.

At Live it Now the worst procrastinators become high achievers, people who are stuck find clarity and certainty, and people overcome mental challenges by building unshakeable confidence. At this event you will be introduced to NLP, and you will see how powerful it is in creating a mindset of excellence.

Excellence Now is a hands-on, six-day intensive course that will be returning to Sydney in March 2019. During these six days, you will learn how to communicate with any person in any situation, how to create excellence in your life and the lives of others, the power of hypnosis, how to let go of events from the past, plus you will transform every area of your life. All in one NLP course!

2019 NLP Courses in Sydney


Live it Now is a two-day life-changing event run in Sydney that reveals how to break through the day-to-day mediocrity and create the life you want NOW!

Would you like to experience balance and harmony in all areas of life? Create confidence, wealth and abundance effortlessly? Then a seat at the two-day Live it Now seminar featuring Australia’s top presenters on NLP, health, business, and relationships is just what you need.

19 & 20 January – Sydney

23 & 24 February – Sydney

30 & 31 March – Sydney

27 & 28 April – Sydney

25 & 26 May – Sydney

29 & 30 June – Sydney

27 & 28 July – Sydney

17 & 18 August – Sydney

28 & 29 September – Sydney

26 & 27 October – Sydney

14 & 15 December – Sydney

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Excellence Now is all about creating excellence in your life and the lives of others through the use of NLP based Rapid Change Technologies.  If you have ever wanted to understand WHY you think, communicate and behave the way you do then this course will blow your mind!

This training focuses on the implementation of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which has been described as the science of excellence. NLP utilises the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes and ultimately success.

12 to 17 March – Sydney

10 to 15 September – Sydney

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If you’re looking for an NLP course to help you with public speaking, from overcoming fear of public speaking through to mastering the craft of presenting, then Influence Now is for you.

Influence Now is one of the most powerful training’s we offer. We have witnessed so many participants start the week absolutely frozen in fear to then deliver highly emotive, jaw-dropping presentations at the end.   If you are petrified of speaking or suffer from ‘stage fright’ then get excited, it’s all about to change!

9 to 13 July – Sydney

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Coach Now is one of Australia’s best coaching training for coaches who actually want to get out and make it big in the coaching and consulting industry. It has also been set up to give you a complete life transformation in the process so that you too can be a shining example to your clients!

If you have a desire to empower people and yourself, live life on your terms and experience complete freedom in life and business, then don’t wait, Coach Now is the training for you.

14 to 18 May – Sydney

7 to 11 November – Sydney

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Many entrepreneurs look for NLP courses to help take their business to the next level, but what they don’t realise is they need the mindset training coupled with the business know-how. This is exactly what Entrepreneur Now provides.

Entrepreneur Now is an incredible program designed for dreamers, risk-takers, movers and shakers who want to launch their own business but need the right information and support to do so.  We’ll show you the best sales techniques, systems, technologies, how to influence others and create a business vision to ensure your business and YOU get the best start.

26 to 30 November – Sydney

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As well as our live NLP courses in Sydney, we also have online NLP courses that are made up of live sessions via Zoom, with recordings and learning materials that you can access any time, any place.

To find out more about our online NLP courses, please email [email protected] call 1300997669.

See you there,

Matt Catling

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