3 Steps To Create A Disruption

3 Steps To Create A Disruption

Create a disruption to cause an eruption!

You would have heard me say that at Live it Now and at most of our other trainings, because I believe that when you disrupt your own patterns and beliefs you fundamentally create space to have an eruption of ideas.

How can this relate to business?

A disruptive innovation is something that creates a new market and value network that eventually disrupts an existing market and value network. This is something we’re seeing more and more regularly as technology evolves.

For example, the introduction of electric-powered cars has disrupted the market and network of petrol powered cars, and created an eruption of possibilities for the manufacturing, selling and servicing of cars from now on.

We’re seeing disruptive forces in some of the biggest industries on the planet:

Uber has a global transport network, but doesn’t own a car.

You Tube is the biggest television station in the world, with no satellites.

Air B’n’B are the world wide leaders in accommodation, yet they don’t own hotels.

So, how can you create a disruption in your industry?

1.Solve your customers problem

It seems almost too simple doesn’t it? Your customer has a problem they want solved in the fastest possible way, and they will pay you if you can do it.

Every industry has practices and procedures that drive their customers crazy. Research what they are by asking people, then work out how you can solve the problem, and deliver.

Have you ever gone through a companies automated phone system and input all your details; account number, password, date of birth, only to be asked for all this information when you get to speak to a real person?

It’s frustrating, and it pushes customers away.

What practices can you identify in your industry that push customers away? Identify these problems, and solve them.

2.Be authentic

When you are your authentic self, you start to tap into your true genius.

All the information we need is out there, but often we can’t hear it because we’re hiding behind past fears, beliefs or experiences.

When you develop a psychology of excellence, all that white noise starts to fade away, and you become like an arrow heading toward your target.

What if you stopped hiding, and embraced your own truth?

How could your results transform if you decided to become the most powerful force in your industry by being true to yourself and your customers?

The truth is there whether you like it or not, but most people don’t realise this until a crisis.

Working with a coach can help you to run towards the result you want to achieve rather than away from the results you don’t want by helping you to train your psychology.

3.Get out there

The fastest way to cause a disruption is to launch your business now, and get out there in front of your target customer.

Once I set up a business and we spent months writing a business plan, ensuring the wording was perfect, the cover page was the perfect shade of blue, and the font was just so.

By lunchtime on Day 1, it was a giant paperweight.

As I tell our students at Entrepreneur Now, make a mess! (then ideally get someone else to clean it up ☺ )

Eight out of ten ideas don’t work, you have to get in front of your customer and find the two that do. Launch, test, tweak, go again, and never give up.

So my troublemakers, get out there and create a disruption in your industry today!

I’ve been a troublemaker my whole life, if you would like to join me and a group of like-minded mischief makers, we would love to see you at our next Troublemakers Network night in the coming months at a new mystery VIP location that will be revealed to those who register.

See you there!

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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