5 Secrets to Become a Money Magnet

5 Secrets to Become a Money Magnet

So, you want to become a money magnet? Firstly, congratulations on taking the time to really look at your finances and being open to new information. So many people don’t stop to consider their financial position or evaluate it from a mindset point of view. They either ignore it, or try to change it from an external ‘habitual’ standpoint. By ignoring mindset, they limit the opportunities to shift to a new earning capacity and challenge their limiting self-worth or the law of attraction for money.

When it comes to repairing your finances you will find that, just like with your health, you need to find out what is going on internally in order to see changes externally. Thinking differently about money will pay enormous returns, not just financially, in all areas of your life.

The information shared in the following five steps and at Live it Now is for anyone who wants to know how to attract money instantly, prosper regardless of the economic climate, and is the same information that separates the world’s richest from everyone else, so be prepared!

Wealth creation is 80% mindset and 20% strategy and by strategy I mean action steps. So be sure to read, learn and follow through.

  1. Know the critical factor

Let’s look at wealth and the law of attraction for money from a new perspective; a perspective of attitude and behaviour and focus on the fundamentals of living a Rich Life.

That there is enough for everybody, that we are all capable of wealth and abundance is the thinking that will enable you to change your financial views.

Unfortunately, to get that information into our minds, it needs to get past the critical factor. This is the natural barrier we develop through childhood and becomes fully formed as we transform into teenagers.

Once the critical factor is formed it becomes much harder to take on new information. We tend to stop being inquisitive at this age and accept that we have all the information we’ll ever need. Therefore, any “facts” we learned about money under the age of 12 becomes the blue print for how we live our lives and the patterns that we run.

While we may be born “rich” and surrounded by abundance, we pick up feelings of unworthiness, ideas that wealth can be lost or stolen, that finances come with responsibility and confusion.

Learning something different to what is already in place can be difficult, so the key is to unlearn what we know, so that new, desired information is taken on more easily and more permanently. If you don’t believe you are a money magnet already, telling yourself you are or attempting to attract money instantly will not only be hard work, it will probably be short lived.

  1. What type of spender are you?

Logically you know that spending everything you earn is going to keep you in a position of struggle and financial stress. Have you ever noticed that you might get a pay raise or higher paid position then increase your spending so that your money situation is exactly the same as it was before? Becoming a money magnet means you have more money in that you do going out, with your current pattern, that’s never going to happen, even if you win the lottery, you’ll spend it just as rapidly.

Regardless of income, most people, if they were to lose their job tomorrow and didn’t find a new position immediately, would be bankrupt within two months! This scenario has nothing to do with how much you earn; it’s everything to do with your relationship with money.

Stop now and think for a moment about your relationship with money… How do YOU treat money when you get it?

Do you spend it right away and live like royalty for a week, then go into a scarcity mode with that uncomfortable feeling of “how am I going to survive for the rest of the month”?

Do you feel guilty when you have money or feel obligated to give it away and spend it on everyone else?

Or, do you hold onto it so tightly and fearfully that you do absolutely nothing with it?

All of these behaviours are reflections of how your internal structure is set up around money, the ones we set in place when we were only kids, under 12 years old.

What are your behaviours saying about you? This will give you an indication of what you have stored as financial and money ‘facts’ that need to be cleared out in order to bring in new systems and patterns of behaviour.

  1. Know why you do the things that you do

If you were to stop for a moment and vividly imagine money, large amounts of it in your hand or your wallet, really picture it, the smell, the colour, the feel of it. Imagine making money and as you imagine it, notice how you feel about money.

Is it a good feeling or an uncomfortable feeling? Really notice what you imagined and what thoughts and emotions came up. Did you think things like that much money is greedy? I don’t deserve that much? I’d have to be a criminal to gain that amount of money?

These are your money beliefs.

Maybe you recalled a past experience around money, having money or not having money. Was that a good experience or was it a challenging experience? Consider that these memories come up unwanted and unnoticed every time money is mentioned, we are just bringing it to your awareness this time around for you to understand and feel the influence.

This information is the most important information you can access when it comes to building your financial future and becoming a money magnet. It surpasses what the economy is doing, where interest rates are at, what inflation is doing, even the price of commodities. You see the status of the stock market and where the property cycle is at are totally irrelevant because people can always make money, regardless of whether the market is down or up. In fact, more overnight millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in history!

  1. What are your money values?

Money is NOT the issue. What drives a person’s behaviour is not how much money they have, it is the values behind the money. Their money mindset.

Many people fall into the trap of giving, giving, giving and always putting themselves last. It seems as though they are happy and have their priorities in order, but what is really going on in this situation?

Usually, it is something called secondary gain. Secondary gain is where you are meeting a hidden unconscious need through an unrelated behaviour. For instance, if I put all my focus on looking after others then I do not have to look at my own life or the changes I should be making.

The truth is that you cannot change or save other people. The only person you can change or save is yourself.

You may find when you start making changes that others are inspired to make changes as well. By being an example you show people that it is ok to “have a go” and give them permission to work on themselves too.

Now that you are paying attention to your true values, those underlying ones as well as your money drivers, you might start to notice some patterns and start to see where your true motivation lies. Can you see why sometimes you are switched on and focused and why at other times you are frivolous?

What you have uncovered here is your internal blueprint and with this information, you can now start to make some incredible changes.

  1. Think like a money magnet and take action

At Live it Now we talk about our beliefs, the ones we formed before age 12, that set in place our mind filters. These filters assist us to process the millions and millions of bits of information we have access to every second. Our filters only look for what we focus on. If you are focused on losing money, you will lose money.  If we focus on financial struggle, we will struggle financially. When you convince yourself at the unconscious level that there is abundance available to you, you are worthy, life is fair and making money is easy, you become the money magnet and open yourself to greater wealth opportunities.

You can set your filters as easily as thinking, I am a money magnet and I see opportunities for wealth all around me.

Think Rich

My Think Rich program takes you through steps and activities for uncovering what each of these underlying blocks is for you as well as defining your money values, and it’s absolutely FREE!

By completing the Think Rich activity steps, you create the capacity for change to occur, to attract money instantly and be that money magnet. It would not be unusual for your behaviour around money to totally change; actually, it would not be surprising if you became excited about activities such as budgeting and finance (yes, it is possible!). The strategies I deliver in Think Rich are so powerful, they should come with the warning: Only Read if You are Ready to be Rich for LIFE!

And remember, practice makes perfect; so the more you apply this information, the easier wealth will become.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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