5 Ways to Become a Person of Influence

5 Ways to Become a Person of Influence

When you become a person of influence, you’re able to move the masses. The most successful people in the world understand that being able to communicate an inspiring vision is the most crucial skill to be able to learn if you want to achieve success!

Your ability to influence comes down to your presence. Your presence is determined by how much time you spend in “PRESENT TIME”. How much time you spend in the NOW moment. Even the first word in PRESENTing is present.

This is the formula, the key! Most presenters are stuck in the past – past fears, past doubts; or conversely stuck in the future –  anxious, thinking about the worst case scenario.

In our Influence Now training, we spend a lot of time building you from the inside out, so that when you take to the stage after this training you can do so with limited preparation because you are in the NOW.

5 Ways to Become a Person of Influence

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or become the go-to expert in your niche, becoming a person of influence will take your results to the next level.

Why Become an Influencer?

Who remembers those cheesy infomercials from the US in the mid-90’s, or those presentations about timeshare, where the overly tanned presenter would use his influence to generate sales by showing photos of things that were unobtainable to the person sitting in the audience – unless you buy his product of course!

Thankfully, times have changed and consumers are becoming more savvy, knowing when they are being sold to.

At Live it Now we have a say: ‘in order to be successful, all I have to do is help others become successful.’ If you’re using your influence to genuinely help people, if helping is your deeper purpose, you will see your sales increase in an ecological manner.

Face Your Fears

So many people have such an intense fear of public speaking, that it prevents them from fulfilling their potential and living their dreams.

Take Brandon Wescott, CEO of Limitless Unlocked for example. He was so petrified of public speaking, he would have preferred to be in the casket than giving the eulogy!

By the end of Influence Now he was booked for a speaking engagement in front of 300 people, where he delivered a world-class presentation.

He shares his journey in this video:

Jack of all Trades, Master of None

At Live it Now, we often meet participants who want to be all things to all people. They might be a blogger who talks about lifestyle, parenting, and 80’s rock bands, or a life coach who wants to help people with health, finances, and relationships.

To become a person of influence, you need to find your niche, and become the go-to expert for that niche. You can’t be the expert on everything in your industry, so find out the area you’re most passionate about, and develop your public speaking skills in that direction.

The more specific you become, the more people will associate your name and face in that area. This can then branch into more than just presenting. Further ways to become a person of influence include guest blogging on websites, TV or radio interviews, and writing your own book on your niche.

Give, Give, Give

People are often surprised when they attend Coach Now that we give them a turn-key solution for becoming a life coach. We literally give them, word for word, the eleven sessions they need to help get their clients massive results.

In fact, we encourage participants to take the sessions, rebrand them as their own, and launch their business!


So they can help more people.

Becoming a person of influence isn’t about you standing at the front of the room getting applause, it’s about the people you help. Share your time and expertise, and again, you will help others become successful. This leads to people becoming evangelists for you and your product, and there’s no greater way to grow your business than through word of mouth referrals!

Understand the Other Person’s Model of the World

Did you know that everybody sees the world differently? We all have our own model of the world, based on our life experiences. We talk about this concept extensively during Excellence Now. Graduates constantly tell us this one piece of information transforms relationships!

Next time you’re having a conversation or argument and the other person just doesn’t ‘get it’, ask yourself, are you trying to understand their model of the world, or are you pushing your beliefs onto them?

Chances are, you’re trying to force the other person to see things your way, and nobody likes to be pushed into a corner. By no means am I saying that you have to agree with the other person, all you need to do is be respectful of their opinion.

Understanding your audience’s viewpoints is one of the best public speaking skills you can have, and will take you ahead leaps and bounds in your pursuit of becoming a person of influence.

If you would like to become a person of influence and grow your business, register today for our next Influence Now course. This is our most powerful training, the transformations are incredible! People who have been petrified of public speaking have delivered world-class presentations at the end of the course. You could be next.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling


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