5 Ways to Boost Your Business’ Social Media Presence This Year

5 Ways to Boost Your Business’ Social Media Presence This Year

Most entrepreneurs understand that for their business to prosper, they need to give a boost social media presence and engagement. Your presence on social media generally comes down to how active you are. However, it’s how a given business defines being ‘active’ on social media that can make or break their results.

On one hand, a game plan of one post a week won’t cut it, on the other hand, daily posts that don’t really capture the audience attention won’t work either.

Successful business owners have realised that social media for business can be an important foundation to success! If you’re a late adopter, you’re scared of social media, or haven’t been doing it right, then it is the time to increase your commitment to getting social.

Here are five tips you should consider to boost social media presence for your business this year.

1. Provoke Engagement

Funnily enough, social media engagement requires a brand to be social! If you are planning to use it as your megaphone for one-way communication is not going to work for you. So if you want to have your audience acting as evangelists for your brand, filling your feed with a variety of content on a continuous basis may be the secret you’ve been looking for.
You can achieve this by utilising engagement techniques such as caption contests, surveys, and questions. These will spark and improve social media engagement.
With so many brands shouting for attention, you can really stand out from the crowd by giving valuable information. Share, share, share, ask.
Remember, in order to be successful, all you need to do its help others become successful!

2. Add Some Humour

Owning a company is one thing and running it is another. When you’re running your business you need to remain in the present moment to make strategic decisions.
However, this should not necessarily be echoed too much in your social media channels.
What social media offers you is the perfect platform to add some humour to your business, irrespective of the industry you’re in. Be yourself, and remember to let your inner troublemaker run free sometimes!

3. Develop A Voice

People connect to your story. People buy from people! A key factor in delivering your message is using your authentic tone of voice. A regular and frequent voice is an important tool giving an outward projection of who you really are.

If you use a familiar and personal voice, your audience is more likely to develop a sense of trust in you.

Whichever voice/ tone you opt for, be it playful, cheeky, sophisticated or even inspirational; it should be an extension of your company culture and personal values.
When you’re using social media for business it is essential you are consistent. Consistent in branding and consistent in your voice!

4. Provide Real Value

We know you offer the best services in town- but you just can’t spam your audience with branded phrases, buzzwords and taglines- forgetting the most important thing your audience seek- real value!

Without providing genuine value it’s unlikely your audience will engage with you simply out of love for your brand. They will want something that will satisfy and benefit them first. It’s time to shelve the updates you may be making in praising your services with corporate phrases and hold yourself to a higher standard to provide real value.

If the majority of your posts are all about your products and asking for sales, it’s time for change. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate and entertain. Only 20% should promote your business. Read Gary Vee’s book ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ for more on this approach.

If you want to effectively boost social media presence, feed your audience with useful content. Following your field of expertise, give links to other articles, tips, quotes, suggestions, relevant news and any other information you feel your audience will benefit from. Business social media presence is not always about you.

5. Connect Your Personality With Your Audience

Finally, to boost social media presence, you must connect with your audience on an emotional level by providing valuable content that solves their problems. As you connect your personality with your audience, remember you are appealing to many, but speaking to one – your avatar. As you draft your next blog article, Facebook status or Instagram post, keep this in mind. Craft it like you are talking to your avatar over coffee.

Applying these 5 ways to boost your business’ social media presence will help you establish or grow a strong social presence. If you implement these strategies consistently, you will see your social media presence increase, and you will attract more customers to your business. More customers means more sales, and more opportunities to help more people!

Kindest regards,
Matt Catling

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