5 ways to change your life in a weekend

5 ways to change your life in a weekend

You may have heard the saying ‘to change something in your life, you actually have to change something in your life’ and guess what? It’s true!

How often have you said to yourself ‘on Monday I’ll go to the gym’ only to hit snooze and go back to sleep?

Or maybe you promise yourself you will start saving money ‘soon’ but first, just one more shopping spree…

The thing is, change happens in an instant!

So when you put yourself in an environment of change for a weekend, magic happens.

Here are five ways you can change your life in a weekend!

1. Sign up. It’s all about taking Action.

How many times have you known there was a problem and decided not to do anything about it?

So many people say, “It’s not that bad, yet.” The “yet” part implies that the situation is going to get worse down the line.

My question is, how bad does it have to be for you to take action?

How bad will your health get?
How many walls will you put up in your relationships?
How long will you put up with being burnt out at work?

The “yet” you might reach could be your breaking point. Forget the yet, commit to now.

The comment I hear most often from people who participate in the Live It Now weekend is that they wish they had come along earlier. They wish they had taken action on how they felt about their life before now.

If your life is not how you want it to be then there is no time to waste. During this Sydney weekend event we dedicate the weekend to you. It’s finally time to take action and pay attention to the person who matters the most in your life. The person who has been through everything from the start and knows you best. You.

2. Show up. It’s all about Commitment

Commitment is the first key to any kind of success in any area of your life. Be it your career, your health, your finances, your relationships, your emotional state or how you see yourself in the world.

Showing up is 90% of the work done.

• Show up to both days
• Show up to the challenge
• Show up to something different

That means committing to the real you. Committing to who you imagined you might be when you were younger. Making the commitment to give back to yourself. When you do that, when you show up you better your own life and open doors.

The great news is, when you show up in life, you can help more people.

3. Participate in your own life

I’m sure you could write out an essay worth of reasons why your life isn’t where you expected it to be right now. There are hundreds of excuses that we can fall back on to explain our lack of progress. The truth is, for most people the real reason we aren’t living the life we want comes down to our own resistance.

We’re afraid to risk putting ourselves out there
What if we are wrong?
What if we are ridiculed or embarrassed?
Or worse: what if we are incredibly successful?

Here’s the bigger question though: If you remain a spectator, what will happen to your amazing dreams and ideas in your mind?

We understand that participation in life is something most people avoid, which is why we provide a safe environment for you that is supportive, genuine and caring. We go back to practice sessions to warm you up to the big game, give you skills and show you just how much potential you have waiting to be tapped into.

It can be easy to take your hands off the wheel, let the car drive itself and become a spectator in your own life.

We bench ourselves, happy to sit on the sidelines and watch our life go by. It’s easy to live in the hope that tomorrow will be different.

Here’s the thing: In order to change something in yourself, you actually have to want to change something in your life. That change might the as simple as using a weekend to face your challenges, ask some questions or reconnect with your partner.

It might not be a significant change, simply moving to a ‘glass half full’ way of looking at your situation can be all the leverage you need to take the next step.

4. Be Brave

Change can feel like a big and scary process, especially if you think about it a lot. All sorts of thoughts might pop into your head and make the process of getting your life on track, seem heavy.

If you were ever a kid afraid of a monster in your room, you know what I mean. It was never a little friendly monster. Just like that little kid though, with some light on the shadows, you will realise there actually is nothing to be afraid of.

The truth is, change and releasing the old is actually the lightweight option. Holding onto all those doubts fears and bad habits is like walking around with a giant sack full of stones. Putting that sack down is the most incredible gift you can give yourself and your family.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds and a huge amount of fun, and the fun is intentional. We want you to have as much fan as possible on your Live It Now weekend because when something is pleasurable, we will chase it, remember it and take more action.

The weekend is a lot of fun, and yes, it’s challenging, however, we make sure the rewards are so phenomenal you blast right through them. We make sure Live It Now is a pleasurable experience, aimed at invigorating your sensors, moving some old energy around to recharge and reconnect you to the real inner you.

There is a real rush when you finish this weekend, not just because you had fun and make amazing friends and learned so much about who you are, but because you did it. You were brave enough to face the dark and shed some light on some heavy things you might have been running from for decades. And it was AWESOME!

5. Know you are supported

Everyone is going through something. We can sometimes tell ourselves that we are alone in our troubles, however, that is never the case. Opening up to a supportive network is a sure-fire way to accelerate your upward progress.

Our expert staff are there to chat to if you need anything at all. We create a room that is fully supportive of who you are and what you are aiming to achieve.

It’s an energy like nothing else.

It doesn’t matter if you are facing a little bit of restlessness or some major internal crisis. Anyone can learn how to tap into their true self and make positive working changes in just two days.

So you:
• Sign Up
• Show Up
• Participate
• You make friends for life
• You learn some amazing information
• Have a LOT of fun

That’s it. That’s Live It Now.

Come and connect with yourself again. Do something different and give yourself a weekend you will never forget!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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