Are you ready to crew at Live it Now?

Are you ready to crew at Live it Now?

We ran Live it Now in Melbourne this past weekend and my team received such great support from our incredible crew.

I asked one of our crew to give us his perspective on the weekend from ‘behind the curtain’ as going from participant to crew gives you a completely different perspective on the whole weekend.

Read Jarrod’s thoughts here…

If you have ever experienced the power of attending a Live it Now weekend you will know about the total high that comes from discovering yourself, releasing your past and achieving seemingly impossible goals.

You will also no doubt have discovered that phenomenal feeling of trusting in a team. People who were strangers on Saturday morning become a second family by Sunday.

When it comes to being a crew member for the Live it Now weekend, you get to have that whole experience again – with a behind the scenes viewpoint. It’s no less impacting back here, believe me!

I find it’s a gift that keeps revealing itself in new ways every single time.

This Live It Now Melbourne course was especially unique because it was Bianca’s first time presenting without Matt. Being able to support her was incredible and the female energy and emotions over the weekend were so rewarding.

While I can’t guarantee you will have a Live it Now weekend that is that much of a milestone for the company or presenters, this is what happens EVERY time I crew these personal development courses.

I give gifts:

My time, my energy, my focus, my commitment.

I receive gifts:

Friendships, connections, a new and deeper understanding of the Live it Now material, a new and deeper understanding of people and their pain.

I get to witness people flip from the ‘effect’ side of the equation to the ‘cause’ side and discover a whole new way to live.

I get the satisfaction of knowing I helped a room full of people gain access to a deeper part of themselves.

I hear stories from people I can identify with personally or who offer me insights into my family or colleagues.

I get satisfaction from knowing I supported my fellow crew members get through the weekend with smiles on their faces. We even have our own crew Mastermind group to support each other week by week!

I reconnect with myself and other people and get to see the bigger picture of coaching. We really can change the world one person at a time.

Then there is the energy, love (lots of love), and hugs (lots of hugs).

This was my fifth Live it Now, and having the opportunity to absorb the education and energy in the room has added another layer of bullet-proofness (totally a word) to my psyche. After a Live It Now weekend I feel re-energised, I feel confident and I feel ready to take on the world.

The presenters can pour their hearts into the room but it’s not going to be received without a crew to act as the glue that keeps the energy flowing. As crew we may not have the knowledge or experience that the presenters have, but that’s not why we’re there. Sometimes just being there to listen to someone, give them a platform to have their voice heard, or offer a hug is all they need to break through and re-discover themselves.

Crewing a personal growth seminar is such a rewarding experience. If you are ready to give a little to gain a lot, if you fully believe in the Live it Now challenge, all you have to do is show up!

I get so much out of crewing at Live it Now that I feel like I should pay to be there, but I’m not going to tell Matt or Bianca that…”

When Jarrod came to Live it Now in March 2015 he was just existing, he wasn’t living. He was in a job he hated and had so much social anxiety he didn’t want to leave the house or speak with people. His relationship suffered as a result.

Fast forward a year, and Jarrod has left his soul-destroying job to launch a business taking people on road cycling tours of Bali. He’s back to his cheeky best and is unrecognisable from the shell of a person who came to Live it Now last year.

If you would like to help others have a similar experience, please contact my team on [email protected] or 1800 552 168 to talk about joining the crew for the next Live it Now.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

*Live it Now Melbourne image copyright Susan Papazian*

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