Becoming an NLP Coach – 3 Steps You Need To Take

Becoming an NLP Coach – 3 Steps You Need To Take

Are you thinking of becoming an NLP coach? You should! It is rapidly becoming one of the biggest industries in the modern western world for the simple reason that it gets results. For those who entered into Life Coaching fifteen years ago, it’s been one of the best decisions they have ever made, creating not only amazing wealth, growth and lifestyle flexibility, but also the ability to get thousands of people to a better place and enabling them to live the life of their dreams.

In today’s world, people want to be part of their own healing, growth and development. That’s what makes being a Life Coach so engaging. Your clients will get their own results, your job is simply to show them ways to achieve that. It’s the most rewarding kind of classroom.

Now those people who have been sensational success stories in coaching are taking that classroom to even higher heights. Now it’s time to teach others how coaching works, what’s effective and how to build a thriving lifestyle working for yourself.

NLP Coaching

There are so many different paths for coaching, there are as many niches as there are coaches so what you choose will be entirely up to you; health, self-love, masculine power, feminine power, finances, business, family, career. The options are simply staggering!

No matter what your choice is there is one style of coaching that works in simply staggering ways. That’s Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). By studying the hidden patterns of your unconscious mind, you can get your brain, and your client’s brain working towards results fast, all by simply understanding how we function.

I have developed is Rapid Coaching Techniques (RCT) which combines 20 years of proven coaching practice with the rapid change technologies of NLP to teach a new era of coaches how to create genuine, long-lasting positive change.

What I love about coaching is it connects my love for helping people with my love for learning and development!

So how do you become an NLP Coach with Rapid Coaching Techniques?

Here are the three steps that will get you there.

Step 1

Train with me at Coach Now.

This intensive six-day course will give you everything you need; understanding, practice, templates and scripts. We walk you through step by step so you not only know, you get to experience the ten-session course structure as both a client and a practitioner.

Learn NLP techniques and how to implement them. Hear from experts on their experiences, what can go wrong, what can go right, and how to conduct yourself in the most professional way to turn this from an idea to a full-time business.

If you would like to take your NLP knowledge even further you can attend Excellence Now for an even more compressive understanding of NLP techniques, however, everything you need to know for Rapid Coaching Techniques will be fully demonstrated in Coach Now.
Step 2

Work with five practice clients.

We encourage you to sign on your five practice clients as soon as possible, even while you are in training. Let them know you are studying to be an NLP Life Coach and ask if they can commit to ten sessions of coaching with you. The best timeframe for your clients is one session a fortnight. This might be slower than you want, however, it’s the time they need to get their goals met and implement the steps. You are absolutely welcome to discuss shorter or longer times with your clients to come up with a plan that suits them best.

What you charge for these sessions is up to you, we do provide a guideline for how rates may work once you are a certified NLP coach, based on what we consider is reasonable for your experience, however, this is your own business and the rates are entirely up to you. If you are combining life coaching with another skill set, such as personal training, teaching or nutrition then you will be bringing in extra experience which you will want to have reflected in your rates.

Starting out, it is usual for these practice clients to get your sessions for free. Some of my trainees charge a small fee, some charge a high fee but it is important to remember that you are still getting started, you have so much to learn, not just the scripts but reading your client’s body language and tone, and hearing what they don’t say.

Your confidence with the material and delivery will be just as important to their results as the content. It’s not the time you spend as a life coach that comes with the big price tag, it’s life coaching EXPERIENCE. The more experience you have the faster your clients will get results and the bigger their breakthroughs will be. So really sell yourself on your experience at this point and price yourself on what you have, not your hourly rate.

Pick your clients carefully.

Close friends and family members are easily accessible, and you may certainly wish to give them the very best opportunities for their lives, however, they don’t make good coaching clients as they know you too well, and you know them too well.

The most influential thing about a coach is objectivity and results will suffer the closer you are to a client. If you really see that a family member, partner or close friend would be suited to and committed to coaching, refer them as a practice client to one of your classmates. In Coach Now you will be surrounded by like-minded people from all walks of life on this journey with you. You will get to work with different people across the course and really identify the ones perfectly suited to your loved ones.

It’s important to remember that NLP coaching is all about self-development (i.e development of self.) Good to excellent clients are in a real place to bring about quality change in their life, they will be committed, eager and full of optimism. Exactly what you need starting out! If you know someone who needs a more experienced coach, please, by all means don’t ignore them, refer them to someone who can help.

You want clients who are already doing well and you can get them to excellent, but time and time again I hear new coaches say that want to help people overcome significant trauma. I promise you, moving people to a place where their dreams come true is so powerful and just as essential for a better world as moving someone who hates life to a point where they can get by.

Here’s why:

1. You are still getting a feel for responses. Someone who needs genuine help probably won’t get a great deal of assistance from Coaching, they may need more of an authority than a guide. At this point in time if something is amiss or there is genuine trouble you could be pressing in all the wrong places and you won’t even notice.

They might have chosen an area of life that clashes with a deeper problem somewhere else that you won’t be able to identify. At the very worst, you may cause more harm than good. It is essential that you complete the required DASS test to ensure you are working with the right people. If you have ANY doubts refer them on, it’s for the best for you and them.

2. Great testimonials. Shifting from good to excellent means people are excited to work with you and will give incredible testimonials. Your client’s confidence and self-awareness will be through the roof and they will be more than happy to share their experience with EVERYONE. Moving from troubled to good you may find that there is not a great sense of ‘look what I’ve done’, not yet. They are pleased with their changes, of course, but they might not be in a place where they want to shout about their dark places from the rooftops.

3. Wow factor. Someone operating with positivity, excelling towards their goals and loving life will impact others through positive interaction and act as a beacon of inspiration and confidence. They will be the ones to inspire change in others and by shining bright be the permission some else needs to shine, Trust that the REAL results of effective coaching you will never know. It’s just too big and too wide reaching.

Step 3

Get certified.

Along your journey, stay in touch, ask questions and get feedback so that missing information or uncertainty on any of the sessions can be addressed. Use our feedback groups and closed Facebook group as support and encouragement as well as ways around tricky client questions and responses. Remember this a journey about your development as much as your clients.

Once you have completed your five practice clients contact us to know where to send your client files. We will have them carefully checked and give you information and feedback on how you are going that will enable you to bring even bigger results for future clients.

You will them be given your certification and you can go forth and change lives, and in the process change yourself, and the world.

Becoming an NLP Coach

Becoming an NLP Coach is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do in your life! If you’re excited about beginning your journey in life coaching, learn more about Coach Now today.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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