The Benefits Of Guided Meditation

The Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Meditation is big right now. There are so many blogs and experts advising that it’s the best thing you can do for your mind and body. But what does that mean, and where do you start?

Many people say they can’t meditate. They are not able to still their mind from the chatter at all, let alone for 20 minutes straight. They keep getting distracted and wind up feeling frustrated rather than finding that calm inner peace they were promised. After one or maybe two attempts it’s easy to throw the cushion or mat in the corner and say ‘Well, I just can’t meditate’.

You can!

Meditation, like anything, takes time to master. It is a skill that needs to develop over time and will improve with practice.

Guided Meditation

There are many different kinds of meditation. One of the easiest, especially for beginners, is guided meditation. Here you have a voice that guides you on a journey, helping to give direction to your relaxed state so your ego can’t pull you away so easily. Even though there is a guide to follow, every person’s journey is completely different and unique and what you gain or take away from it is entirely up to you.

In guided meditation all you need to do is relax and trust in the voice that leads you. Even this might take some practice at first but it’s worth doing.

We have taken on so much external programming that most of us live in a trance caused by addiction to TV, radio, and devices. However, just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation a day has been shown to change your brain structure to help with anxiety, focus and attention!

The latest research shows that meditation will enhance your immune system and help you cope with chronic illness.

The Benefits Of Guided Meditation

When emotion goes up…

We say at Live it Now that when emotion goes up, intelligence goes down. To keep an emotional balance we need our mind to be clear of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. If you’re going through a period of challenge in your life such as your business being in chaos or if you’re having relationship problems, then using guided meditation to balance your emotions can help you to find clarity and make smart decisions.

Meditation combined with NLP

Through coaching clients in peak performance over the years, I have developed a Belief Buster meditation which you can now download for free here… That’s right, for FREE!

When we add NLP techniques to guided meditation, we give ourselves the opportunity to do some spring cleaning of the mind and memory, to get rid of the clutter and junk that is clotting our emotions, our desires and causing negative beliefs to anchor in our unconscious thinking.

Not only that but you can repeat the process as often as needed and bust a different negative belief each time.

What better way to finish off a hectic day than with meditation? Rather than reaching for something that will perpetuate a negative state such as a bottle of alcohol, a block of chocolate or binge-watching TV, why not tap into your own unconscious mind and ask yourself what negative belief is making your day so difficult, do a 20 minute Belief Buster, and free yourself from the limiting decision that is holding you back.

Unlike a chocolate block or can of beer, you will be armed with a new attitude to go into your next working day – regardless of if that working day is in an office, for yourself, or with your family.

Our natural state is a state of peace, and when we’re in a state of peace, problems become smaller and issues such as anxiety fall away. Our happiness and creativity increases, leading to an increased consciousness, which helps us to cultivate a laser focus to start achieving the things we want.

I would love you to try my Belief Buster guided meditation today, and let me know how you feel on the other side.

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