Boost Sales with Body Language

Boost Sales with Body Language

Did you know you can boost sales with body language? Body language and tonality represent more than 90 percent of how you’re seen by others.

The key to compelling body language in selling is to be compatible with your prospect. People who are like each other, like each other! In other words, be a chameleon, and people you meet will instantly feel comfortable around you. This is where learning NLP comes into play.  NLP training teaches you important skills called ‘matching and mirroring’ that you can use for handshakes, body positioning, breathing, and speech tonality to shape instant connections.

You will be sure to boost sales with body languages if you use the following techniques.

  1. Focus on their handshake.

Handshakes are a standout amongst the most vital body language factors in a sales meeting. Your handshake is your first contact with each prospect, and forms part of your first impression

A few prospects will have a super solid handshake, squeezing your hand as hard as possible. Others will have a substantially milder grip. Regardless of where they fall within that range, if your handshake is the complete opposite of theirs, you can make your prospect feel extremely uncomfortable.

Focus on your customer’s handshake, and change your grip to match with theirs. This will comfort both of you and establish a framework for mutual respect – all before you finish telling your names.

  1. Watch how they sit or stand.

We draw a lot of quick assumptions about people based on how they stand or sit. You do it because of your prospects’ body positioning, and they do likewise to you. The ideal approach to build rapport is to match what your prospects are doing.

For instance, do they stand up? Lean in? Fold their arms? Try not to be an exact replica – getting caught doing that would clearly be uncomfortable for everybody!

Instead, endeavour to match the other individual’s body language so you can comfort your prospect. This strategy will enable you to close great deals even with the hardest customers.

  1. Tune in to what they say and how they say it.

Tonality is comprised of two sections – volume and pace. To begin on the right foot with new prospects, endeavour to copy them in the two areas. For instance, if your customers talk loudly, try to match that volume subtly, so they don’t feel like you’re shouting at them. On the other hand, if they use a soft voice, lower your volume a little so you can match their volume more closely.

You’ll likewise need to focus on their pace. Do they speak a million miles an hour, or are they more methodical and deliberate with their choice of words? This frequently mirrors the geological zone where we live. Sydney-siders, for instance, normally speak at a significantly quicker pace than those from other parts of the country. Listen closely,  and be ready to modify to match your prospect.

These are just three ways you can boost sales with body language. If you would like to learn more, check out our NLP training Excellence Now and take your business to the next level!

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