Building a Strong LinkedIn Personal Brand

Building a Strong LinkedIn Personal Brand

If you’re looking to attract more clients then building a strong LinkedIn personal brand is a great way for your avatar to find you and contact you to use your services.

These LinkedIn personal branding tips will have your profile looking great and have people reaching out to connect with you in no time.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Strangely, some people set up a LinkedIn profile, then fail to fill in any information about themselves or add a photo. Why bother!?

By adding a profile photo you’re seven times more likely to be discovered in search results.

When looking at personal branding strategies, it is important to make sure you have a professional profile photo. This is more relevant on LinkedIn than on any other platform.

If your position or business requires you to wear a suit, you should wear a suit in the photo. However, if you work in a more laid back environment then your profile picture should reflect this too.

Your profile photo is like a virtual handshake, and first impressions count.

Publish Blogs On LinkedIn

Halfway through 2016, one million people had posted over three million blogs on LinkedIn. That’s an incredible number of expert positioning content that is being consumed by peoples target market.

By publishing content on LinkedIn you will increase the number of people who see your profile, as posts can be shared by other users.

Blogging is an excellent way to build your credibility and become an influencer or trusted expert in your field. The good news here is you don’t need to think of more content to publish, as you can re-use your existing blogs.

Publish content on your own website first, then 5-7 days later republish it again via the LinkedIn Publisher and you won’t be penalised for duplicate content by Google.

Use Keywords

Like most platforms, LinkedIn also gives users the ability to search for keywords, so it is important to list words you want to rank for in your profile.

Delete common words such as motivated, passionate, creative, or punctual. Everyone is already using them, so be unique.

The #1 place to use keywords is in your headline, so put words that are specific to your niche in this area. If you don’t write your own headline LinkedIn will populate one with your most recent position, so get creative and let people know what you really do.

Your summary is the next best place to put in keywords about your niche and skills. A little-known tip is to create your own ‘skills’ section within the summary, to give yourself an extra opportunity to use more keywords.

Request Service Focussed Testimonials

If you are a coach and you achieved incredible results for a client using Time Line Therapy, ask for them to give you a testimonial that talks about the benefits received from Time Line Therapy and how they found the experience.

LinkedIn identifies keywords used in testimonials that people have written about you and counts them toward the total that helps rank your profile in searches, so make sure the language used in a testimonial is specific.

If you built a new website for a client, ask them to write a testimonial about your project management skills. This will boost your LinkedIn keyword count, and it will also make your testimonial more relevant to people visiting your profile page.

Customise Your LinkedIn URL

By customising your LinkedIn URL you get a short and sharp URL that is personal and can be used on your email signature and even on business cards.

Try and use your own name, if that is taken by someone, use something relevant to your business or niche, but avoid using company names.

To change your URL, just go to the ‘Contact Details’ section of your profile and click on the URL link just underneath your personal details.  If the URL shows then you know you have updated it successfully.

LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

By following the above LinkedIn personal branding tips you will further strengthen yourself as an expert in your field, and give yourself an even greater opportunity to connect with your target market.

Furthermore, implementing personal branding strategies such as these across all your social channels will create a uniformity that helps clients understand who they are dealing with, building unconscious trust in a virtual world!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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