Coaches Need Coaching

Coaches Need Coaching

So many coaches out there have no business, have challenges around their relationships and sometimes don’t feel accepted by their peers because of the career path they have taken. In fact some coaches we have noticed are actually more emotionally challenged than their clients!

One of the first things we teach coaches in our course Coach Now is that you have to be working on your own internal world.

In Coach Now we work with you personally to get an emotional breakthrough. You are then aligned and congruent to becoming a coach.

When we say congruent, we mean that there is no fear, hesitation or doubt.

One of the biggest keys to being a great coach is your level of confidence and certainty. Now if you haven’t achieved that internally at an unconscious level, your clients will know this instinctively and will probably go and get coaching with someone else.

If you are not internally congruent you will sabotage your success every time!

We have found that it doesn’t matter how detailed the plan is, how much research you do or even the support system around you, if you’re not working on your internal world and changing the relationship you have with yourself, then your external results will reflect that, often in the form of sabotage.

Have you ever heard someone say “this person attracts success” or “this person is a money magnet”? This type of confidence is often not something this person was born with; it has been learnt and conditioned, whether it is on an environmental level or through books, training and focus.

If you have a desire to empower people and yourself, live life on your terms and experience complete freedom in life and business, then don’t wait, Coach Now is the training for you.

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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