Coaching is all about the person in front of you

Coaching is all about the person in front of you

Lata Hamilton

One of the fundamental keys to becoming a successful coach is realising it is all about the person sitting in front of you and how you can help them achieve their goals and dreams in the fastest possible way.

That almost sounds silly, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

If you’re sitting there worried about your own life and what you’re not achieving or feeling inferior it will disconnect you from being present and being able to utilize all of the little signals that will help you create change.

If you experience an objection and you make it about yourself and have an internal conversation like “this always happens to me”, “I am not good enough”, “I am never going to be successful”, your motivation will drop and if this continues, it will result in a coach not asking for the sale, avoiding the phone or in some cases giving up. Remember this business is about your client’s achievement, so put your focus where it belongs. To achieve any success – all that I have to do is help others become successful and I automatically achieve success.

Lata Hamilton has been through our Platinum Package, and has been using the skills she has learned in Coach Now to not only create her own coaching business, but also to thrive in the corporate workplace.

“I actually never planned to be a coach! I signed up to Platinum Package to learn to use NLP and be an amazing presenter in the workplace, and Coach Now was part of the package. I discovered being a coach comes naturally to me and I enjoy doing it, so I now have a little side business. I work full time in a corporate career in Financial Services and I coach in personal time on weekday, evenings and weekends. I coach clients (aged between 25 and 65) in all different areas of life – career, health, finance, emotions, relationships. I run workshops and classes on various topics from Self-Love and Acceptance, to Building Confidence, to Blitzing a Job Interview. And I also offer more product-based career services: creating winning resumes and overhauling LinkedIn profiles. These are things I already knew how to do, so I’m able to make supplementary income off existing expertise!

I haven’t found my passion yet but coaching is a good path to finding it. I’ve discovered that I want to niche in helping young women get success in their careers AND their relationships, because that’s where I struggled in the past. And I’ve discovered I can easily productise and create packages and group coaching programs from my career services to help more people find a job they love and also increase my own revenue.

I use what I’ve learnt at Coach Now in my everyday life. I set my own mini-goals for career, health and relationships. Predominately though I use the information and techniques and learnings in the workplace – to manage stakeholders, run training sessions, manage change and build rapport and understanding with everyone I meet. Coaching has led me to value my time and manage it better to fit full-time work, coaching clients, boyfriend, exercise, and socialising into each week. Having a side business requires you to become very efficient very fast!

What I love about being a coach is that working with my clients holds me accountable too. I want to be the best possible example to them, to be an inspiration, so I can coach with conviction and motivate them to achieve their goals… so I over-achieve on my own goals too! Coaching is like a mirror – my clients remind me of ideas, techniques and information that I already know, and give me new ideas, too, as I get exposed to new industries, new information and new personalities constantly.

What I love is seeing a client transform before me through a combination of breakthrough moments and gradual shifts. I watch as:

– their body language becomes more open and relaxed, confident and free;

– what they’re saying and feeling is incredibly positive and aspirational; and,

– they are over-delivering on actions and creating opportunities in their own lives.

Clients will stop me mid-session to thank me because they FEEL so much more excited and positive since coaching began, or tell me they are doing things now that six months ago they wouldn’t have had the guts to do – connect with a business contact, public speak in a room full of people, taking up writing. And when clients shift and transform, I know that I’m having a ripple effect on society. I might only be working with one person, but that one person goes back into their own work/home worlds and their energy starts to shift those worlds and the people in them. I don’t, can’t and won’t work with everyone – and the truth is I don’t need to because my clients start carrying that torch and sharing that flame of “focusing on and getting what you want.”

Some advice to new coaches – keep an open mind and be super flexible. People surprise you, you surprise yourself, and opportunities start to pop up out of NOWHERE. A recruiter recently offered me a joint venture opportunity. An entrepreneur invited me to help write the business plan for his new tech start up.  I get invited to teach more workshops and deliver keynotes.

Remember not everything works, so be flexible, re-calibrate and take a new approach sometimes. I have so many clients wanting resumes written, but barely any who wanted interview coaching – the thing that actually GETS the job! So to get this important information out to the public, I’m turning the interview coaching into a workshop in March.

And being flexible is about having trust in yourself – that you will know how to support your client with whatever comes up. Because guess what – you will!”

Lata Hamilton – NLP Practitioner and Coach

Our next Coach Now starts on the 7th of March, so if you want to follow in Lata’s footsteps, register here today.

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