Create End of Financial Year Freedom

Create End of Financial Year Freedom

Your Future Now is all about creating freedom in life and business, and we would like to help you create End of Financial Year freedom as we know it can be a stressful time either in the office or in your own company, but it doesn’t need to be if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Set a goal

Come close of business 30 June, where do you want to be?

Get specific, what do you want your books to look like. Where do you want your paperwork to be, what positive feeling do you want at that time? Maybe you even hear someone telling you something, or notice that you are telling yourself something. What can you hear see and feel when this is done and successfully completed?

Step 2: Break your goal into milestones

You may not be very organised right now and your goal might be to be amazingly neat and together. Milestones make that gap smaller by filling in actions you can take and use as a measure to get to your goal. Set your milestones out so that you can work on your business tax return more gradually. This gives you time to make mistakes, make adjustments and get advice as you need it.

What your milestones are depends on your goal and business.
You might need to spend two hours a night after business hours doing different milestones, finding, compiling invoices and expenses, billing clients. You might need to pump yourself up one morning to chase up outstanding payments. You might need to sit with a small business tax accountant and learn what steps to take and add those to your milestones as well.

Checking in to make sure your tasks are getting completed is important to ensure you are on track to your goal. Hold yourself accountable to get each of those milestones met. If you work best in the morning, do your milestones first thing. If you are more of a night owl, wait until business hours are over for everyone else, turn off your phone, focus on the task at hand and get stuck in.

Here are some end of financial year milestones for you to consider to help get you moving towards success and off the stress!

Milestone 1
Send out your remaining invoices and send reminders for outstanding payments.

Why? Everyone is stressed this time of year, if you send it in the last week, it’s more likely to get missed.

Milestone 2
Be proactive and ask companies to send you their invoices so you can pay them in advance of 30 June.

If they can’t send them, make a record of any outstanding payments you will need to make so you can budget accordingly.

If you run a bricks & mortar business, consider giving staff extra shifts or offering overtime in the final week of June to complete any administrative tasks and provide additional service at this time.

People in finance industry/departments will be stressed, so any time you can save them will be well appreciated.

Milestone 3
Send another reminder for any outstanding payments to be made.

Make a collection of receipts from throughout the year, ready for tax time, and
make an appointment for July to do your taxes with your accountant.

Schedule in a reward for you and your team. It may be a team activity, giving them a bonus or time off, or if you’re solo, booking in for a massage or whatever it is that means ‘reward’ to you.

Step 3: Create positive mentality

Remember people are not their behaviour, if your clients or colleagues are stressed, see how you can help. Helping doesn’t necessarily mean doing their work for them. Many people think of a situation and problem and go to worst case scenario thinking. Sometimes having someone to express thoughts or feelings to can end a negative cycle. A clear perspective can go a long way in making someone’s day easier.

At Live it Now we have a saying: when emotion goes up, intelligence goes down.

Your thoughts get clouded, you feel demotivated (or maybe too motivated!) and you are not able to see choices to take effective action. This is that feeling of overwhelm.

To help clear the fog of emotion it’s important to breathe. It sounds simple but when we are stressed we forget to breathe properly, part of the fear response is short shallow breath so taking deep breaths from your diaphragm will really give you clarity.

Lay on the floor if you want and give yourself three to five minutes breathing all the way into your stomach.

If you are really feeling a strong emotion, like stress or panic, use the proven EFT process to neutralise any emotion felt and bring in enough positives to get you to a clear space.

EFT takes about three minutes to do and will halve, if not clear even the strongest negative emotion or disruptive physical ailments like a headache, stomachache, fatigue or low energy.

It is important to include a positive with your stated negative emotion or circumstance, even if you don’t feel positive.

Your tapping affirmation must be about yourself, not involving other people, and be on your current situation.

If you have not learned EFT techniques in our Coach Now or Entrepreneur Now courses there are plenty of demonstrations on YouTube. While they may not be the proven scientific method we teach our students, you will most certainly gain enough relief to get moving on your end of year action plan.

Bonus: Tips To Get Positive
Think of a time when you were in a situation of rapid learning. What did you think and do in that time to learn new information and apply it? Get into that mode now and apply it to rapidly learn everything you need to get your end of financial year freedom.

Think of a time when you were highly motivated. How did that feel and how did that show in your actions? Knowing that motivation was possible for you in the past, how can you apply that to get motivated now?

Still stuck. Try my free Belief Buster to clear any negative beliefs you may be holding around money, or the ability to get organised.

My team are always happy to discuss options with you about creating positive change in your life that is permanent either through learning NLP techniques in our courses, or having a great coach to show you how to achieve your very best.

All the best for 30 June, and for creating end of financial year freedom!

Matt Catling

P.S if you want to relieve some End of Financial Year stress, check out this hilarious accounting clip from Black Books.

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