Do You Have a Passion For Health?

Do You Have a Passion For Health?

Would you like to work in an industry where you work from wherever you like? It could be from home, the beach, or even while backpacking through Peru. If you like to create your own working hours that work around your lifestyle, engage with people in a deep and lasting way, and help enrich to support them in all areas of life, then becoming a life coach is just what you’re looking for.

This is exactly what Life Coaching is!

Working with and supported by a diverse range of people, a life coach gets to boost their clients understanding, ability, and performance, enabling them to change their life in positive and long-lasting ways.

There are so many speciality areas that a coach can tap into. It’s about combining what you love and what you know with a state of the art coaching practice that will enable you to create your very own niche in the coaching business. That means your skills and coaching focus is on what you are most passionate about, which means you will be working exclusively with like-minded clients who want to get results in the area you know best!

Finding Your Niche

If you don’t know your niche yet, that’s okay, because becoming a coach is the fastest way to uncover your passion. Over time you may naturally tap into an area you’ve always loved and forgotten about, or you may uncover a pattern with your clients, a question or a complexity that hasn’t been addressed anywhere else, and you choose to make this your speciality. You may even struggle with something yourself and once you finally master it (and you will), it will be that one thing you want to do for the rest of your career.

Your Future Now would like to help, be it in giving you deeper knowledge of a certain aspect of coaching, helping you to discover your niche or giving you the tools to make a personal breakthrough that will give you ultimate clarity, we are offering specialisation coaching modules to get you to an even higher level of coaching.

Health Coaching Specialisation, Business Coaching Specialisation, Relationship Coaching Specialisation.

These specialist modules are free with the Coach Now course and are held once a year in a one-day face to face session. Really love a module? Just like Coach Now, once you have completed your designated practice clients under the specialisation module you’ll become a certified coach in this area, adding another string to your already impressive bow.

Just like all Your Future Now Courses these specialisation modules come with a lifetime resit policy, stay up to date and well supported with this incredible offer.

Health Coaching

Our next Specialised Module Training Day is on Health. In Sydney on July 11 2017, we will be giving our Coach Now students the blueprint and practice points to our Health Coaching system.

Who is this for? Anyone who has already sat Coach Now and would like to offer their clients focused goals around health, nutrition and fitness. You don’t have to be a qualified eating specialist or personal trainer to give your clients amazing results around their health goals.

The 8 Principles of Health

All you need to do to is attend that Health Coaching Specialisation training day to learn the eight key principles of health. Follow these and help clients to achieve their health goals and maintain their incredible results for life.

  1. Fresh Air & Breathing
  2. Sunshine
  3. Water
  4. Exercise/Movement
  5. Real Food
  6. Sleep
  7. Relationships
  8. Passion & Purpose

Knowing these 8 Principles, you can teach your clients techniques such as Health Journaling, action steps, accountability, and how to release any stressful limiting beliefs or negative emotions around their health.

Life Force

I have created a teaching structure around the belief that three key things are needed for optimal health and wellbeing.

Emotional Health, Nutritional Health, and Physical Health.

Life Force triangle

During the Health Coaching Specialised Module Training Day, we will have special presentations on each life force.

In the life force of Emotions, we look at the positive effects of hypnotherapy. Sometimes the biggest setbacks to healthy living are stored negative emotions and the belief that emotional eating or severe restrictions will create a positive gain. Once these emotional blockages are cleared your client will be ready to move rapidly toward their desired goals around health and wellbeing.

In the life force of Nutrition, we invite certified Herbalist Denise Catling to speak on nutrition and just how vital the right nourishment is for sustainable health. Commonly ignored symptoms, like headaches and cravings are actually our body’s way of signalling there is a deficiency of some kind.

Denise will show you how to address some of the most common issues and give you a true understanding of how there is natural, immediate help on hand for a wide range of health problems both severe and minor.

In the life force of Movement, we really break down the ways in which motion is essential to good health. It’s well known that regular exercise is important to our health and fitness, however we go even deeper and look at all levels of motion, those times you are moving and don’t even realise it, and give you tips to pass on to your clients about making every movement in your day work for you.

If you have completed Coach Now and would like to help your clients reach and maintain their health and fitness goals book yourself in by calling 1800552168. We would love to see you there.

Haven’t sat Coach Now yet and love the sound of this incredible course structure?

Register for Coach Now in Sydney or Melbourne in 2017 and catch our specialisation modules again when we next run them later in the year and early 2018.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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