Escaping the Mediocrity Zone

Escaping the Mediocrity Zone

Why is it that often our family and friends want us to take that safe job, get married, and buy a house?

It is because they want safety for us, not excellence.

You see, we are the average of the people in our direct surrounding influence.

Think of your friends, family members, work colleagues. You are the average in terms of results, the average in finances, health and relationships. Like attracts like. You unconsciously attract people that reflect your belief systems, isn’t that scary?

Often the people who have never started a business, are drowning in debt, or are unhappy in life are the ones who push you to make the same decisions they did because they’re worried about you going bankrupt or (ironically) being unhappy.

Think of it this way, there are 2 million bits of information coming to you every single second. Through our 5 sensors – visual, auditory, kinesthetic (feelings), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste) – we can only absorb 134 bits of information, the rest is deleted. We filter information based on our values and belief systems.

My recommendation is to surround yourself with five people who are achieving the results that you want. Just having those people around you influences and shifts your values and belief systems, which will then influence your behaviour and the actions you take.

Surround yourself with people who will hold you to a higher standard, and help you achieve excellence.

When I first decided to start my own personal development business, I spoke to some friends. They said I was crazy. That I should stay in my job where I was earning good money and had a lot of opportunity to grow. The only problem was that I hated it. Every morning I woke up dreading the day ahead and I wasn’t happy at all. I loved helping people and I loved learning and sharing information that inspired change. No matter what I said my friends held their position and said I was making a huge mistake and I was going to fail.

Now, my friends only wanted to protect me and keep me safe based on their values and beliefs about what was possible. None of them had run a business; none of them had even done a personal development seminar, but they were claiming with certainty that they knew better than I did.

Thankfully, I had other surrounding influences who understood business, who were already very successful. They sat me down and asked me one question “Are you passionate about this type of business and the services that you’re going to deliver?” I replied, “Yes, I love this information. I am interested in business and I want to help people.” They said “Right answer.” They helped me with business plans and gave me contacts, but most importantly they believed in me.

I often tell my clients to “use my belief in you until you start believing in yourself.” That is exactly what my supporters did for me. Their certainty from having been there and achieved was infectious and rubbed off on me.

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