5 Keys To Finding Your Passion

5 Keys To Finding Your Passion

“Follow your passion” is something that is said a lot these days, but what if you’re not passionate about anything?

The good news is, you’re not alone.

Latest research shows that as many as 8 out of 10 people don’t have one thing they identify as being passionate about. Not one!

Not having a passion doesn’t make you an outcast, there’s no group of fascinating people leading incredible lives because they have already found theirs, not having found your passion yet actually gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself.

So, how can you find your passion?

1. Figure out what you’re good at

Start by asking yourself, ‘what am I good at?’ Make a list of your top three gifts, talents and interests. From there, ask yourself who specifically could benefit from your gifts and talents, and brainstorm how these people’s lives would be improved by connecting with you and your product or service.

When you start to match what you’re good at with something you’re interested in, you’re on your way to finding your passion, which means you can also start to…

2. Try new things

This is important. Try as many new things as you can. Make a list of interests, and throw yourself in. Try a cooking class, yoga, learn a language, take up photography, visit the zoo. Do as much as you can, it’s better to start with too many options than too few.

If you start that cooking class and find it’s not for you, good. Cross it off the list and move onto something else.

If you end up loving those cooking classes and can’t wait for the next one, well you might just be onto something 🙂

3. Get out of the box

At Live it Now we talk about being stuck in a box. We eat our cereal from box, we get in a box and drive to work where we spend eight hours in a box. We come home and watch the box, and eventually we’re buried, in a box.

Doing what you’ve always done because it’s how you or others define you will keep you in the box, but getting out isn’t that difficult.

The secret to getting out of the box isn’t hard at all. Stop doing what you hate with negative surrounding influences, and take steps to do the things you discovered in Step 1 that you love.

4. Forget about money

If you’re doing something just for the money, you will likely keep finding yourself in jobs that you hate so you can pay for things you don’t need.

Your passion is your compass, money follows passion.

When you are truly passionate about something, when you would do it for free, you will find a way to make a living doing it.

5. Stop trying to be all things to all people

If you have spent your life surrounded by people living a 9-5 life, don’t be surprised if many of them can’t understand your passion and your vision. That’s ok.

Just like you wouldn’t ask a hairdresser for advice on how to service your car, it’s time to stop asking people who have never been in business for advice on starting a business.

Surround yourself with people who are on a similar journey to you, people who understand the ups and downs and will be there to support you and hold you to a higher standard.

Once you let go of the pressure of finding a passion, your natural curiosity will take over, creating space in your life for a new journey to begin.

If you would like help finding your passion, the best place to start is at our 2 1/2 day live event, Live it Now. Already found it? Join us at Excellence Now to take it to another level!

For even more information on passion, come and visit our Facebook page Live it Now Australia

Miranda Claire – Relationship Queen

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