How can I get help with my finances?

How can I get help with my finances?

Every day I have people asking me if we run finance training courses because they have tried course after course, looking for that one secret that will make them a millionaire. The reality is you could attend unlimited personal development courses and seminars.

Unless you let go of your limiting beliefs around money, you’re going to earn exactly what you unconsciously believe you’re worth. If you do happen to attract more money, without the correct psychology around your finances you will self-sabotage and end up back where you started. Sounds scary, right?

Well, what if you could use neuro-linguistic programming techniques to create a new relationship with money?

At a conscious level most people say they value themselves and want to earn more money, but at an unconscious level, there will be a limiting belief that is holding them back. This is why no matter how hard they try, some people keep living from payday to payday.

Sabotaging Your Finances

After working with thousands of people in one on one meetings and seminars, it is obvious that success with money has nothing to do with how detailed the financial plan is, how much research you do or even the support system around you.

If you’re not working on your internal world and changing the relationship you have with money on that level, then your external results will continue to reflect your internal beliefs, often showing up in the form of “self-sabotage”.

Self-sabotage may look something like this: You have paid 80% off your credit card and have consistently been saving 10% of your income; you feel great!

Then, you head off to JB Hi-Fi and see there is a new 60” LCD TV on sale and you think to yourself, “wow, what a great deal”, followed by “I have done so well, I think I need a reward, actually I deserve a reward!” Then you buy the T.V, maxing out your credit card and taking you back to point 0….. Sound familiar?

Your Relationship With Money

Stop now and think for a moment about your relationship with money… How do you treat money when you get it?

Do you spend it right away and live like royalty for a week, then go into a scarcity mode with that uncomfortable feeling where you’re left wondering how you’re going to eat or pay your bills?

Do you feel guilty when you have money or feel obligated to give it away and spend it on everyone else?

Or, do you hold onto it so tightly and fearfully that you do absolutely nothing with it?

All of these behaviours are reflections of how your internal structure is set up around money!

Your Feelings About Money

Now I want you to vividly imagine money or imagine making money and as you imagine it notice how you feel about money?

Is it a good feeling or an uncomfortable feeling?

What did you imagine?

Did you recall a past experience around money?

Was that a good experience or was it a challenging experience?

Tapping into how you feel about money is the most important information you can access when it comes to building your financial future. It surpasses what the economy is doing, where interest rates are at, what inflation is doing, even the price of commodities.

You see the status of the stock market and where the property cycle is at are totally irrelevant because people can always make money regardless of whether the market is down or up. In fact, more overnight millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in history!

It all comes back to your beliefs around your finances, and how you feel about making money. Think about family or friends who attend seminars, read all the books about making money, say affirmations, yet are still in the same position they were yesterday, last month, last year…

Childhood Experience With Money

What was your first experience of money? Was it a good experience or a negative experience?

I remember my first experience of money. I was at a shopping centre with my dad and I had a lot of money in my wallet because it was my birthday (ok, it was only about $5, but to a 5 year old I was rich!) My dad noticed I had the $5 in my wallet and said to me “never keep all your money in your wallet in case you lose it”.

Twenty minutes later guess what happened… That’s right, I lost my wallet and all my birthday money! I was devastated! After that event, every time I had money in my wallet it vanished instantly because, internally, I had created a belief that I needed to spend whatever I had before I lost it.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now, it is time to find out what is really going on for you with money!

Grab a pen and write down the answer to this statement:

My first experience of money was…

Sometimes people find it difficult and get stuck in the “I can’t remember” or “I don’t know”. I challenge you to move past the “I don’t know” and commit to going wherever you need to. The “I don’t know” is often just a defence mechanism to not move, to not change. If you find yourself stuck there just ask: “If I did know and I could remember, what would it be?”

Now, re-read your answer and ask yourself how this directly relates to your life today.

How has this past experience had an effect on your current behaviour around your finances?

By bringing this information to consciousness, you now have the opportunity to change the unconscious association rapidly and create new results. Every time you participate in that particular behaviour from here on, you will automatically start to catch yourself doing it, and before long, the association and the behaviour will shift.

How powerful is that!?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the beliefs you carry around money will determine exactly how much you earn and whether or not you will create a life of abundance.

Change happens in an instant, and we all have the ability to change once we start to look at our internal blueprint and bring any limiting beliefs into consciousness. As we say at Live it Now, if you want to change something in your life, you actually have to change something in your life!

If you would like to learn more about how you think about money and understand your behaviours, I would invite you to download my free Think Rich book and take your first steps towards financial freedom today!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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