Get set for Breakthrough Bootcamp!

Get set for Breakthrough Bootcamp!

If you loved Excellence Now and you are ready to take your Neuro-Linguistic Programming training to the upper levels, Breakthrough Bootcamp will offer you the perfect skills to add to your Rapid Change Technologies toolkit.

If you are serious about being an NLP practitioner, I can’t recommend this speciality program enough. These new techniques are the most powerful tools you can have in your toolkit, as having these four skills on your list of available services will boost your business growth and ability in incredible ways.

Breakthrough Bootcamp is an opportunity to dump all the emotional baggage we have accumulated in our lifetime and leave it behind, so that we can start with a clean canvas and create what we want in life. It’s great for anyone who is holding on to the past and causing them to play small in life, whether this is around business, relationships, health or any other area of life.  

During these 2.5 days, you will be learning a number of new techniques and processes which you can incorporate add to your NLP or Coaching Tool Box.

Life Values: Through this process, we discover your life values and why they are important to you.  We uncover the beliefs that are attached to each of these, ensuring that they are congruent and aligned with the outcomes that serve you best.

Quantum Change Process:  This is a highly effective process for accessing unresolved issues and old core beliefs that are buried deep in the unconscious, and resolving and letting go of the emotion associated with it.

Freedom Release Technique: This is one of the only associated emotional techniques that we teach.  Through this process, we break through each emotional level, uncovering what is beneath it until we find the diamond within.  This is very effective for people who are disassociated from their emotions or have deeply buried emotions.

Breakthrough Intensive: Through this technique, you get taught how to release the five negative emotions: Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Fear & Guilt at the root cause, letting go of all the baggage of the past, giving you a fresh canvas to create your life.

After you use one or all of these techniques with your clients you will see they look noticeably different, most people look about 10 years younger, as carrying around those intense emotions day in and day out is wearing! They will also find a deep connection with their true inner self. Most clients are also then able to form stronger connections with family, get their career on track for where they really want to be and turn up on the cause side of life over and over again through positive choices and actions.

Throughout these two and a half days we share with you a more complex script. As you are working with so many emotions, you’ll really get a wonderful feel for the process as we walk you through step by step and allow you to experience what a personal breakthrough will be like for your client.

We want to make sure you and your client are well protected and remain safe through this process. Because of that, we provide valuable information and strategies for maintaining energy and getting through little issues as well as keeping it timely. We explain how to keep the breakthrough on track, and also give you essential advice on what to do if things don’t go as planned.

There can also be limiting beliefs that lay underneath these emotions that might not fully clear during the session. We will show you how to identify these and clear any lingering issues to ensure when you are working with your clients, they walk away completely cleared and ready for a new lease on life.

PLUS you will get to experience these powerful interventions yourself, giving you a clean slate to go into the second half of 2017 with!

If you’re ready to give yourself a fresh clean slate, we’re ready to teach you how.

This course is being run from Friday evening 14th of July until Sunday 16th July and is limited to 20 people only, so it is first in first serve. This is something that you do NOT want to miss out on!

The amazing price for this life changing 2 ½ day event is only $997!

If this sounds like something your clients need or something you would love to offer to people then register today for Breakthrough Bootcamp by phoning 1800552168!

Please note: you must have completed Excellence Now to attend this training and be confident in Time Line Therapy.

Haven’t done Excellence Now? Learn how to unlock Negative Emotions and Limiting beliefs as well as a huge range of amazing other NLP techniques in our incredible six-day hands-on course.

See you there,

Bianca van Riet

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