Get Your Free Personal Development Plan At Live it Now

Get Your Free Personal Development Plan At Live it Now

For anyone embarking on a personal growth journey, having a personal development plan is key! Without it, the unconscious mind can take over and take us on the path of least resistance. This means if something such as making sales calls is scary, the unconscious mind will tell us it’s ok to go and watch TV or have coffee with a friend.

One of the best ways of being held accountable to your personal development plan is by having a team who supports you.

So often people would say to me that they lost their way because they couldn’t find a team. I created Live it Now and all of our personal development courses with an eye to forming teams and communities of people who would all hold each other to a higher standard. If you have attended a Live it Now weekend, I hope you’re still in contact with your team!

There are four phases that any highly successful team will go through in order to reach peak performance. Let’s have a look at them now.


In this phase, you’re as high as a kite. It’s like being in a new relationship! You’re on drugs, everyone loves each other and loves having a place of belonging.

The majority of the team members in this stage exude positivity and politeness. However, some people may have some level of anxiety since they don’t understand why they’re in this team. Others will be thrilled about the opportunity to make new friends.

At this point, the natural leaders may dominate and take control due to the ambiguity of the duties and responsibilities of the team. It can be a long stage as people begin working and as they attempt to understand and get acquainted with new members. You may have noticed this in the corporate world. You’re thrown in with a group of people on a project with no real direction and told to perform. Who are these people? Why do you have to work together?


The storming phase comes next. In this stage, team members begin pushing the boundaries and limits of what’s acceptable. Many teams do not make it beyond this stage.

When a conflict arises between team players around leadership, the storm hits. People work using different styles depending on their personality type. When the storm comes, people’s true colours are revealed.

Storming may be exhibited in various cases. For instance, the members of a team may question the leaders’ ability or influence, or they may try to take the lead position. Other members may criticise the goal of the team, and they may start trying to take on all the tasks themselves.

This phase is not comfortable. Many people who have said nothing suddenly find a voice. For others, self-doubt creeps in and they retreat into their shell. Some people get fired from their team and they have no idea why!


After the storming, we get to norming. It’s crucial that after the storm, a team takes time to reconnect and every team member gets an opportunity to speak their truth. Team members appreciate the strength of each other at this stage, and they also move to solve any differences that they may be holding the team back.

At this stage team members often feel they can seek each other’s help, and any feedback provided at this stage is constructive. The team members also find a deep commitment to their goal, and real progress can be seen.

This is where we see people playing to their strengths. The time for politeness and niceties is over. As long as the truth is told with compassion, the team can grow together and move as one toward their common goal.


In the performing phase, we see small teams who have gone through the storm start to outperform teams three to four times their size. Their focus and commitment is unmatched, and they start to achieve world-class results together.

It is in this stage that the team works even harder to ensure the goal of the team is realised. Every structure and process that was developed earlier on will come into play during this stage. The leader can comfortably delegate most of the tasks throughout the team as trust has developed with individual team members. It is enjoyable to be part of the team and work no longer feels like work. An unbreakable bond is formed and all team members hold each other to a higher standard. Magic happens!

Life Is About Relationships

So which phase is your team in now? Perhaps the storm is coming, and on the other side you’re going to reach norming, then we will see you performing at a level you never knew possible.

If you’re feeling alone and want to develop new relationships to surround yourself in the best environment for your self-development, please register for Live it Now today!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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