Have you experienced the benefits of Time Line Therapy?

Have you experienced the benefits of Time Line Therapy?

It’s normal to have niggling self-doubts, or even crippling self-doubt, or panic attacks from time to time, it’s part of being human. We just learn to cover it up and keep going.

Um, no that’s wrong.

It’s normal to reject a promotion, call off a romance or spend all your savings on something you don’t need, because you doubt your self-worth or ability to receive or give love.

No, that’s also wrong.

It’s okay to throw the TV remote against the wall when something doesn’t work out, hide in your room when the doorbell goes off, quit your course because you did poorly on an exam. You are still a fully functioning human being.

Sorry, no, it’s not okay. If your emotions are ruling your life you need to ask why. When it gets to the point where stored doubts, negative beliefs and stuck emotions restrict your performance, limit your choices, possibly even prevent you going out, meeting people or doing anything new, you need to start looking for solutions.

Actually, my advice is to get clearance now. Why wait until you have tunnel vision or you are squeezed tight with fear? It’s always a good idea to refresh and reset and get back to the present moment, no matter how healthy you might feel, especially when there is an easy to access, simple and quick option available. It’s Time Line Therapy.

Living in the hurt of the past or the fear of the future, no matter how mild that might be, stops you living right now, it stops you from achieving your goals and it impacts your happiness and ability to respond to your environment. Most people don’t look for solutions early enough, they tell themselves, “it’s not that bad… yet.”

The ‘yet’ to me implies they know it’s going to get worse, they’ll do something about it later, when everything is falling to pieces. Forget yet! I challenge you to do something about it right now.

You can spend years and thousands of dollars in traditional therapy sessions, hashing out your life story, or you can spend an hour, (two max), in Time Line Therapy and rediscover your emotional base. Time Line Therapy gets you instant results that are long-lasting and completely painless. You can get results after just one session, or choose to do a series of sessions at your own pace to get total clearance.

Time Line Therapy: A spring clean for your emotions

Time Line Therapy was developed in the 1980s and has been used with incredible success all over the world. It is a powerful guidance technique that blends together hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and cognitive behaviour techniques to create a gentle and fast working emotional spring clean. That’s all it is, just like with a house spring clean, you go through all your cupboards and draws and say, “do I still need this one?” Then you decide if you want to get rid of it or not.

The reason Time Line Therapy is so fast is that you focus specifically on one emotion and one event and the whole chain of the emotion unravels easily after that. I go into more detail of exactly what happens in Time Line Therapy here. That sounds complicated, but actually it’s not only simple, it has proven to work time and time again, even in cases of extreme anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and phobias.

The great thing is you don’t have to re-live the event to clear it. Even the most traumatic events can be safely cleared without the pain of going through the emotion again. Your practitioner doesn’t even need to know any details, you can complete this therapy in the total privacy of your own head. Of course, your Time Line Therapy practitioner is right there if you get stuck or want to share any details.

Benefits of Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is simple, safe and really effective and the benefits are incredible and vast. In as little as one session you can:
• Let go and release limiting beliefs that cause pain and doubt (e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unlovable”, “I cause people harm”)
• Gain wisdom and more accurate understanding of events that occurred in your life and shaped who you are
• Overcome phobias
• Unhook yourself from a long line of ‘remembered’ emotions that amplify and confuse the present situation.
• Gain optimism, hope and strength for your future
• Relief from stress
• Discover the capacity for better personal relationships
• Silence nagging and intrusive thoughts
• Believe in your self-worth and ability to reach any goal
• Discover your inner personal power, drive and purpose
• Free yourself from past trauma
• Find forgiveness, compassion, patience and acceptance
• Relieve yourself from the weight of the world
• Boost your self-confidence
• Gain the ability to overcome any obstacle and move forward
• Live in the present moment
• Stop cycles of negativity that seem to follow you wherever you go
• Clear out reoccurring flashback memories or nightmares and the emotions that that come with them (e.g. guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, anger…)

Before you say, ‘it’s too good to be true’, it actually gets better. When you decide to let go of something in the event, you create room (sometimes lots of room) for something new. Your Time Line Therapy practitioner will guide you through identifying positive emotions and belief systems that already exist in your memories. When you discover them they are instantly strengthened and reinforced for a powerful boost to your decision-making skills, confidence and ability to reach your goals.

Part one of your Time Line Therapy process is clearing out junk you don’t need, part two is identifying, strengthening and nurturing the things you do need. You will tap into more of the positive feelings in this new space; love, acceptance, variety, compassion, contribution, stability will present themselves to you as you re-evaluate your old memory.

Again, just like the clear out you are the only one who chooses what you want to identify and what you want to keep. No one else is part of this process but you. Your practitioner simply tells you what your next step is and guides you there. What you do to execute each step is up to you.

Your Time Line Therapy practitioner will prompt you if you get stuck, make sure you stay in a place of discovery and guide you through each step as you complete the process, most of the process will occur naturally.


You are actually supposed to do this, on a small scale, often in your life.

Our brain stores everything (and I mean everything) we learn, see, hear, feel and experience. It stores and remembers positive things and it stores and remembers negative things. Part of the purpose of storing conflicts is to give you a chance to revisit and explore them when you are strong.

Your unconscious mind will prompt you to re-evaluate and organise anything unresolved. Have you ever noticed just when you overcome an obstacle and the pressure is off you start getting nightmares or flashbacks from a previous, unrelated trauma? Just when you were in a really good place? Your unconscious mind deliberately waited until you were safe to bring up an old issue for re-evaluation.

Time Line Therapy works so rapidly because it is in line with our instinctive processes for healing and clearing emotions.

We are not designed to drag our emotional histories around with us our whole lives, only we don’t get taught in schools or in our families growing up how to successfully clear them. Time Line Therapy is that training. How to get back to a place where you are not just surviving each day, you thrive.

It’s a genuine kind of emotional freedom that has immediate benefits and long-term benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health.

Speak to us about working with one of our professional trained Time Line Therapists or learn the art of time line therapy yourself and become a practitioner with our Excellence Now training.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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