How Do I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions?

How Do I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions?

So when it comes to keeping New Year’s Resolutions people do things…weirdly sometimes. We can do things really, really well, then we can do things that seem out of this world illogical. Like, setting a goal we really like, doing it for one week in January and then, somehow, messing up and acting in a way that’s way worse than before.

What happened? I really, really wanted that goal to happen in real life. Am I stupid, am I incompetent, am I not worth it?

Not being able to stick to our plans and get our goals met can leave us feeling deflated, confused, maybe even that goals and dreams are impossible. It can seem that way when you go to do something, and the opposite thing happens. How does 1+2 keep equalling 561? It’s illogical!

Actually, the weird stuff we do isn’t that illogical when you figure out what your internal headgear is like. When you know how your processing and communication systems work, all your problems suddenly make a lot of sense. All the random things we do have connections, patterns and…logic.

If you have the problem where it seems like you’re always doing the opposite of what you want, or getting the opposite results, or you realise you are turning into the exact person you promised yourself you’d never be, think of it like owning a dodgy watch.

Let’s say you have this favourite watch, it’s made of valuable metal, has a few gemstone and also holds sentimental value to you as well. It’s the kind of watch that feels good when you wear it. Only, strangely, it doesn’t keep time accurately. It’s weird, it’s frustrating, it’s messing up your life.

What do you do?
A: Give up on it – throw it out
B: Wear it but never look at it
C: Keep it somewhere at home so you can look at it
D: Figure it out

If you learn how that watch works and how all the cogs fit and move together and drive each other, it’s quick and easy to find the one that’s going haywire, straighten it, and, you have your favourite watch back.

That’s sort of like your brain.

Science and language study has found a way to make a working map of your thinking, like a diagram for watch cogs.

Now, when you match that map up with a program for performance that works really, really well, you can change your internal patterns quickly and easily and get what you want.

You don’t even have to learn that much to get it to work. Okay, so the more you know about your watch, the more complicated your repairs can be, but if you just want to have a go, see what I’m talking about and recharge your battery, well, you can do that in a weekend, and it costs almost nothing.

Isn’t this post about New Year’s Resolutions?

It is. We’re just going on a small tangent about how to handle positive changes in your life, because I think they’re somewhat related.

I think one thing people don’t always get is that a New Year’s Resolution is a desire to change something.

The problem with this is: In order to change something in your life, you actually have to change something in your life!!

People don’t like making changes, they don’t know how, aren’t ready, or find change scary. They attempt to set a goal and do things differently without actually having to change anything.


Say you want to improve your watch (insert a new years resolution), so you do some research and you buy a new part. This new part does everything you want your watch to do well. You get excited.
You open the back and you drop the new part in and close it.

Congratulations, you just screwed up your watch.

This is what most New Year’s Resolutions look like; dropping a new part into a broken system and expecting it just to…be okay.

It won’t work because it’s not connected to anything, it doesn’t fit into the existing framework, you end up stressed and off balance and no better off.

To really upgrade your watch you need to remove the old bits, the bits that are not working as well as you’d like (bad habits, behaviours, negative thoughts, old wounds, destructive belief systems) to make space for the new bits to fit in, like, love, compassion, respect, learning, profit, happiness, self-worth, self-confidence, empowerment.

Want to make a new year’s resolution you can keep? Great. First, let’s get rid of the stuff that’s not working – and no, that does not mean getting rid of your misbehaving dog or kids or parents or partner. You get rid of the BS you have about them, the Belief Systems that are stopping you from moving forward and seeing the bigger picture.

The system for change is the same no matter your watch brand, no matter the new part. You can use it on any dream, any goal, any relationship, business, health or spiritual plan no matter where you currently are, or where you have been.

Steps to Successful Goal Setting

The steps to successful goal setting and action are based on the connections and logical patterns of your brain cogs. There is science behind everything here, a map that has been proven to work for the last 20 years (since the first map of our internal processing and communication was created) and has been successfully replicated in every field imaginable all across the globe. It’s called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

It’s safe, it’s fast and it gets you exactly where you want to be in the most logical and sequential way possible.

The Five Steps to Rapid Change that I teach at Live it Now are a five-step process I have created from life experience and years of study. I have been studying NLP for 20 years and assisting others to grow, learn and change for just as long. This five-step system is what works for me, what works for my clients and what works for my students.

I’m offering you this system in a fully engaging, interactive and massively fun weekend workshop.

Everything is given to you over the two days. There is nothing more to buy or do. You come, you learn, we have fun, clear out some crap to make space for some new stuff, we give you some amazing new tools and you go home with a fully operating basic blueprint for your brain cogs and systems!

You will also have a crystal clear super exciting list of your personal goals, a pathway to execute them and a team of willing people to support and encourage you.

I could tell you what the five steps are right here and now, but it’s actually fun for everyone when it’s a surprise. Let me unravel these steps for you, in sequence with time to give it a go. When you get a solid understanding of each step, then we move onto the next one. By Sunday afternoon you have all five steps down and you leave elated, refreshed and recharged.

If you are ready for a positive change, if you want to figure out what is going on in your head, what stops you living the life you want, the life you deserve, all you have to do is show up. That’s it. Show up for two days and you walk away with a watch that ticks.

Make your New Year’s Resolution to show up to Live It Now and give change a chance to make your life magnificent!

See you there,

Matt Catling

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