How to be More Spiritual

How to be More Spiritual

Having a strong relationship with friends, and family is nice, but it is also essential to place high value on your relationship with your ‘Source’. Now the word ‘Source’ means different things to different people. ‘Source’ can be God, Divine Mind, Krishna, The Universe, or whatever else you call your higher power, the whole point is making this bond a top priority if you want to be more spiritual.

Here are five ways to become more spiritual…

Become Quiet

Learn to reduce the noise level in your life. Try to plan your time every single day for quiet meditation. For instance, when you’re driving alone, switch off any noise that may try to disturb your inner world. Endeavour to make meditation a daily routine, even if it’s just a couple of minutes every day. “Silence is the language of the gods.” Those were the words of Swami Sivananda when he was talking to his students. Ask in silence, listen in silence, and allow silence to be the jumping-off point to getting unified with the creative force of the universe.

Re-energize Your Surroundings

The Power of Intention works when you encircle yourself with individuals who are on similar spiritual paths with you. Keep in mind that like attracts like, so you draw in Source energy to yourself by imitating it. Thus, when you constantly entangle yourself with low-energy, furious, discouraged, despicable individuals, you’ll discover life a bit more challenging. Be in the company of people who hold a space for you to accomplish the joy of expanding, rather than limiting your ultimate human potential. Make your surroundings a sanctuary of love and benevolence. Focus on the music you listen to, the arrangement of your furniture and flowers, the art you view, and enjoy every last bit of it!

Return to Nature

One of the most spiritual things you can do in your life is invest time in nature. When I am in nature, it feels like God has entered my mind, and a bubbly feeling of happiness overpowers me. A setting that features nature’s beauty is God in action: untainted, untended, alive in stillness and overflowing with life. When you’re there, you’ll start to notice the miraculousness of each cubic centimetre of space. You’ll feel the manifestation of an energy that has been absent in your daily life, and that refreshing energy is in you.

Practice Yoga

The connotation of the word yoga translates to “union.” The prehistoric rishis who gave us yoga considered balancing, stretching and flexible exercise a chance to experience union with God. Such union with the Source of being wasn’t an uncomfortable encounter, since God was seen as natural, tranquil and calm. Indeed, even as you remain in a space the size of a small mat, you achieve similar benefits to other, more exhausting exercise regiments however without the sting or effort. Yoga is an incredible exercise for the whole body, especially the joints, muscles and even internal organs, and particularly for the mind.

Practice Mindfulness

Truly experience everything you do amid the day. Put in an effort to escape from the routine feelings and thoughts you experience and try to remain in the present moment. Relish each of your actions to the fullest. At Live it Now we call this being in the ‘now position’ and help you learn how to stay in the now position, even when there is chaos around you.

If you would like to learn how to be more spiritual, how to get connected to your Source, and some meditations you can use to get into the ‘now position’ then register for Live it Now and experience this growth in spirituality in one transformational weekend.

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