How To Become A Specialist Health Coach

How To Become A Specialist Health Coach

One of the beauties of becoming a coach is you get to meet such a diverse range of people. You also get to help people in every area of life: Business, Spirituality, Finances, Relationships, Emotions, and Health.

Becoming a coach is also the best way to discover your true passion. As you coach more and more clients, you discover the areas that you help people have the biggest breakthroughs in, and you naturally start to niche into that area.

To help people find their niche, we developed Specialised Module Training Days as part of our Coach Now course. Specialised Module Training days are part of the training for Master Coach certification.

Health Coaching

Our next Specialised Module Training Day is coming up on November 22, and we will be giving our coaches the keys to our Health Coaching system so they can help their clients create lifelong health and fitness.

By working with clients to set clearly defined health and fitness goals, coaches are able to give their clients a blueprint to amazing health.

The best part is, coaches who want to specialise in health don’t need to be a personal trainer or nutritionist, this is open to all coaches!

The 8 Principles Of Health

There are eight principles of health that, when followed and used in goal setting, help clients to achieve incredible results around their health.

  1. Fresh Air & Breathing
  2. Sunshine
  3. Water
  4. Exercise/Movement
  5. Real Food
  6. Sleep
  7. Relationships
  8. Passion & Purpose

You will learn how to work with your clients to live these eight principles through techniques such as creating a Health Journal, accountability through action steps, and releasing negative emotions or stress around health.

Life Force

Our life force is made up of three main components: Emotional Health, Nutritional Health, and Physical Health.

During the Health Coaching Specialised Module Training Day, we will have special presentations on each life force.

Emotions: We take an in-depth look at hypnotherapy, and practice techniques that can be used to help a client improve their health. Some of the biggest barriers to good health are emotions and emotional eating. By removing these negative emotions around health, clients are able to move quickly towards their health goals that you set with them in the first session.

Nutrition: Herbalist Denise Catling will be speaking about nutrition and how the right nutrition is essential for good health. As a herbalist, Denise uses plants for medicinal purposes, working with clients to implement herbs in their daily life. She also works with clients to move towards an alkaline diet, and also specialises in iridology.

Movement: Keeping moving is a key to good health. We already know that by exercising regularly we can improve our fitness, however, there is much more to movement than just exercise. Movement can include things such as changing our posture to change our state or standing up to take a phone call to engage a positive mindset.

To complete our Specialised Module Training Day for health on 22 November you need to have completed our Coach Now training.

We run three Specialised Module Training Days each year, focusing on health, business, and relationships. Register today for our 2017 Coach Now courses to be eligible to join us for our specialisation modules next year.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling


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