How To Invite People To Live it Now That Need It!

How To Invite People To Live it Now That Need It!

Every year we have thousands of people attend Live it Now who all have one thing in common. They get so much out of the weekend and they want everyone in their circle to have the same experience, but don’t know how to ask!

Today we’ll look at a few simple ways to invite people to Live it Now that need it.

Let Go Of Judgement

The first thing we need to do is let go of judgment. Remember that no matter how well we know someone, we can never read their mind, and we have no way of knowing what struggles or challenges they are facing.

If you intuitively feel that a friend or family member would genuinely benefit from attending a Live it Now weekend, it would actually be unfair to deny them that life-changing experience based on an assumption!

Remember, you don’t need to go into all the details about the weekend, all you need to do is tell the story of how much you gained from participating, and how you would love to have someone who means so much to you gain the same benefits.

Share Live it Now on Facebook

Not only does sharing photos and links to Live it Now events via Facebook earn your team points on the weekend, it’s also a great way to show your network what you were doing over those two transformational days.

It’s also a great way of explaining why you weren’t answering your friends’ phone calls, or why you have walked into the office on Monday morning wearing such a happy glow!

For some people, knowing as much information as possible before making a decision on where to invest their time is crucially important. These folks would love being able to read some information about the benefits of Live it Now without feeling like they need to interrogate you for it.

Tag Friends In Facebook Posts

If you follow Live it Now on Facebook, you will notice that we share content aimed at helping people in all areas of life on a daily basis. From step by step guides on communication to real life transformation case studies to tips for coaches, there is something for everyone in this library of information.

When you see something you know someone in your circle will benefit from, tag them in the post! If you feel that everyone in your network will benefit from the information, hit ‘share’ and tell everyone what they will get from clicking the link.

As you may remember we have a mission to make the world a better place one person at a time, sharing positivity certainly helps us on this journey, and it will help your friends and family to learn about your journey too.

Send An Email

We all have that one friend who doesn’t do subtle. They need relevant information delivered to them in a way they understand.

For example, if you’re working on your health and you want to help someone you know is working on health but struggling to make the progress they want, an email with a link to Live it Now is worth much more than any advice they’re not open to receiving!

By sending them an email that says ‘Hi Bob, I went to a free event called Live it Now and learned how to set goals that get me excited about focussing on my health’ you deliver a message that could literally change their life! And who doesn’t want extra points for being the best friend ever?

It’s Not What You Say…

It’s how you say it!

Just like you (probably) wouldn’t propose to someone on the first date, launching into a conversation with ‘OMG I went to Live it Now and it was amazing and you have to go!’ may have you coming across as a little crazy.

Remember at Live it Now how we talk about the process of building rapport with someone you meet for the first time, the same steps are equally as important when you’re talking with someone who hasn’t been on the same journey as you. Yet.

Sit down over a coffee, have a chat, talk about your experiences, and when they’re opening up and telling you about what’s been happening in their life recently, you will naturally see a way to link the experiences of the Live it Now weekend to their challenge.

If you’re brave, you could even try using a metaphor 😉

Crew At Live it Now

Possibly the best way to share your experiences of Live it Now with your network is to come along and crew at one of our events!

What better way to support your family and friends than by being there to guide them through their transformation?

We’re always on the lookout for the right people to join our crew, so if you think you have what it takes, contact the team today so we can have a chat!

I look forward to meeting your family and friends at our next Live it Now.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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