How do you own your future?

How do you own your future?

A great question came in this week from David:

“What do you do to help someone own their future?”

My answer really comes from my initial journey.

For my entire life I knew two constants; I loved helping people and I loved learning. I especially loved finding information on peak performance or becoming the best version of yourself.

My challenge was confidence. I would much prefer to make someone else happy then put myself first! What started to occur was I would get so busy trying to please everyone else that I forgot about myself or avoided dealing with what I wanted because change was way too scary!!

Over time I simply stopped even caring about what I wanted and would jump on other people’s agendas. It got to a point where I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted in life, I’d lost myself because I was looking outside of myself.


This sent me on a journey of self-discovery. I travelled the world searching for answers with different mentors, trainings, experiences you name it.

The journey lead me back to myself. The actual answers were inside, I’d just forgotten to listen, to pay attention, to be here and now in the moment.

By this stage I had built multimillion-dollar businesses and I was travelling the country sharing information, but it was all wrong!

So, I started Your Future Now, it’s your future and the answers are here and NOW in the moment.

Remember! You’re either on your own agenda or you’re on someone else’s! I set up Your Future Now to help people get back on their own agenda, find their passion and create an amazing future.


Some people’s mindsets are stuck in their past; past fears, guilt, hurt, sadness the list goes on! You will never find out who you are while you’re in those states, you will just re-create those situations of fear, guilt, hurt and sadness over and over again.

Conversely, I find people are stuck in their future, thinking about the worst case scenario. This often shows up in the form of anxiety. Again, you will never discover your future while you’re in those states.

The answers are in times of passion, times of peace, when you are here and now and present to you! The answers come in the form of clarity when you are moving, when you have overcome challenges and overcome fears.

David here is a short video training I did on P.E.A.C.E, discovering Your Future Now is a PEACE of cake 😉

I hope that helps, have a great week!!

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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