How To Think Rich

How To Think Rich

Have you ever really thought about what money means to you and what your relationship is with money?  Most people don’t.  They just go along in life, believing that you have to work X amount of hours to get paid and that’s it.

After working with thousands of people on wealth, I learnt what works and what doesn’t, and discovered that a lot of people have interesting beliefs around money. Beliefs like ‘money is the root of all evil’ and ‘money changes people’. As a result, I decided to write Think Rich to share cutting edge information on the psychology of wealth.

You see, if someone earns $1 million dollars a year, they have a set of beliefs and values that are congruent to earning that amount because they believe that is what they are worth.

What would you have to believe about yourself to earn $1 million dollars a year?

What if I told you there’s absolutely more to life than going to work to pay bills, and that you have full control over your wealth and your ability to create it?

The Power of the Unconscious Mind

In Think Rich we look at the power of the unconscious mind and how that relates to your finances.

Success with money has nothing to do with how detailed the financial plan is, how much research you do, or even the support system around you. If you’re not working on your internal world and changing the relationship you have with money on that level, then your external results will continue to reflect your internal beliefs, often showing up in the form of self-sabotage.

Just Over Broke

Have you ever done something knowing it would take you in the wrong direction? Maybe you continue to smoke, even though you know it will kill you. It doesn’t make sense right?

Money is very similar. Consciously you know that spending every dollar you earn and saving nothing is going to keep you in a position of financial stress or worse, in your JOB (Just Over Broke), for a very long time. In fact, if most people lost their job tomorrow and did not get a new one immediately, they would be bankrupt within two months!

Now, this scenario actually has nothing to do with how much you earn; it does, however, have everything to do with your relationship with money.

Think Rich will explain the role of the ‘critical factor’ and its role in separating the conscious mind from the unconscious mind. The critical factor protects you from taking on detrimental information, however, imagine if you could bypass the critical factor and install your desired behaviour around money straight into your unconscious mind!

Core Values

Values are the things that you cherish the most, those things that are really important to you such as honesty or connection. While reading Think Rich you will find out what your values are around money.

When a person’s values system is shifted, they can create a powerful new drive with incredible focus in any area of life. The things you hold dearest are what you create order around and the things that you don’t value, you procrastinate on. For example, if you’re someone who is incredibly disciplined around health and go to the gym ever morning before having a kale smoothie for breakfast, imagine being able to apply this discipline to your financial strength!

Steps To Think Rich

Taking action is critical to making change in our psychology, and Think Rich is a very interactive book. As well as education, you will also complete activities while you’re reading that will help you to get committed to your finances and have you answering questions about the behaviours that you avoid doing around your finances.

Before you can move forward in any direction, you must know exactly where you are right now!

After you have an understanding of your psychology around money, you’re ready to start looking at your external world. This is a fantastic opportunity to get conscious of where you are and work out the fastest way for you to move forward.

This is where you can get start to get really excited, because regardless of where you are starting from; Think Rich will have you on a new path of creation that is limited only by your desire and dreams!

Throughout Think Rich you will be looking at wealth from a new perspective; a perspective of attitude and behaviour and you will be focusing primarily on the fundamentals of living a rich life.

Most finance books talk about wealth creation being 80% mindset and 20% strategy, but then teach you 20% mindset and 80% strategy!

If you’re ready to go on a journey into your internal world, where you will uncover the keys to your personal financial blueprint, download your free copy of Think Rich today!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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