How to use your website to generate sales

How to use your website to generate sales

Scenario 1: You’ve just spent $5,000 on designing and printing brochures for your business. The brochures arrive and you throw them in the corner for a couple of years until it’s time to throw them out and re-design a new batch. This is exactly what a lot of business owners are doing with their website.

Scenario 2: You’re handing out your brochures to people who want your services. Your phone is running hot and sales have exploded. You decide to reinvest part of the profits on designing a second and third set of brochures and employing people to hand them out on your behalf.

If you would prefer Scenario 2, then it’s time to enter the world of Landing Pages.

Landing Pages are a “bolt-on” to your website. They are designed to make your sales process easier, and ideally, to have you wake up in the morning with an inbox full of leads.

How to they work?

1.Someone who’s your ideal client sees an advertisement.

2.They take action and follow the web link on the advertisement. The web link takes them to your landing page.

3.Your landing pages entices them to they take more action. They enter their details to take advantage of your special offer.

4.You’re notified when they enter their details – so you can follow up with them.

5.You make contact with them and they turn into a sale.

What can landing pages be used for?


•eBook giveaways

•Coaching strategy sessions

•Live events and workshop registrations

How can you add one to your website?

1.Purchase and install the landing page software on your website. We recommend OptimizePress for a once off payment of USD$97.

2.Build the landing page. The software will offer templates that you can use straight out of the box.

3.Optional – link the landing page to your CRM. This is highly recommended once you start getting a few leads per day. We recommend starting with something like Mailchimp or Aweber.

4.Create targeted advertisements to tell people about your landing page. Use anything from Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored posts, the back of your business cards and mailbox drops.

5.Follow up with the leads as soon as they hit your inbox!

What if I don’t have a website yet?

Use a paid service like Click Funnels or Lead Pages. These offer free trials however they’re around $130 per month to run.

More Information

Want to know more about landing pages? Our technology partner, The Web Warriors, is running a FREE face-to-face technology session in the Sydney CBD on Monday December 5th. In this session, they’ll be covering topics such as:

•What to put on your homepage

•How to rank well on Google

•Strategies to make a landing page work

Plus there will be discounted web services available AND they will be giving away a FREE landing page for a lucky winner!

Can’t make it to the technology session? That’s OK – follow this link to have one of our team give you a call and help you use your website to create sales.

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