Influential Personality – DISC Type Analysis Part 2

Influential Personality – DISC Type Analysis Part 2

At every Live it Now when we talk about DISC personality, the peacocks in the room get a little louder and showier. Who are these people? They are the influential DISC personality type!

You may have met an influential personality before. They are the life of the party, and they feel like the party doesn’t truly start until they walk in. Their favourite topic is themselves of course!

Having an influential personality is great for making new connections as well as for helping others feel at ease in new situations. You’re like a magnet, pulling people towards you, have fun with it!

Are You An Influential Personality?

If you are an influential personality type, you would have noticed that people love to talk to you, they find you easy to get along with, and your natural optimism shines through in every situation. For someone who loves being centre of attention, this is great! Something to keep in mind though is that many people like to listen and talk, so take time out to listen as well.

If you are an Influential type, the golden rule is this: You have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth.  So concentrate on hearing and seeing twice as much as you talk. This way the people around you feel included, and understand that you care about what they think, how they feel and what they know (this helps create balance as I’s can be “me” focused rather that “you” focused and a combination is most powerful).

As an influential DISC personality type, you find you trust people easily, and enjoying bringing out the best in them, helping them to shine too. You enjoy telling stories, even if you tend to exaggerate a bit! You’re fantastic at seeing the bigger picture and inspiring people to reach towards those goals.

However, you often feel like the rules don’t apply to you so you ignore them. Negative or pessimistic people can bring you down, and being tied to a desk with a strict routine kills your flow. You’d much rather be giving a presentation than writing it!

That’s perfect though, because you will be the person who communicates a vision and inspires others to work towards achieving it. This is your greatest strength!

Communicating With An Influential Personality

For an influential DISC personality type, rejection is their greatest fear.

To help an influential personality feel at ease, ask them questions. Ask questions about them, like what they did on the weekend or how their latest project is going. Wind them up, and let them go! Talk to them quickly, as this will match their natural pace, and they will feel even more comfortable with you, and will share even more information.

An influential DISC personality will likely be the person who walks into a sales meeting 10 minutes late because they stopped for coffee and talked about the big game with six different people. It’s not intentional, they’re just not the best time keepers! If this happens, chastising them won’t work, it will hurt. Make a joke of it, tell them they’re buying coffee for everyone if they’re late next time.

The best things you can do when communicating with an influential personality is talk to them like a person before getting down to business. This helps them to feel included and part of the team, which is something they crave most. Help them to set goals for a project, and check in regularly with them.

When you set clear goals, objectives, and timeframes, you give them parameters to work with that they know and understand. However, don’t expect their paperwork to be brilliant, as these details bore them and get overlooked. Let it go, and trust that their need to help their team will ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Influential Personality

As you can see, the influential personality has their head in the clouds, which is great for being able to see the bigger picture. This makes you a natural for presenting from the stage. Think of people like Oprah Winfrey. Her favourite topic is Oprah Winfrey, and her presence commands attention. Own it!

At Live it Now we help you uncover what DISC personality type you are, and give you tools to communicate with all different personality types. If you would like to learn this vital communication skill, register for our next Live it Now weekend today.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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