Is there merit in doing an NLP course online?

Is there merit in doing an NLP course online?

Have you ever wanted to learn NLP online, but not sure how to jump in? Understanding our Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a life changing experience. We are complex beings that communicate constantly without even thinking about it. It’s a bit like breathing. You don’t need to tell yourself to breathe in and out, you simply do.

Understanding your internal communication patterns will give you an incredible ability to genuinely connect with other people, enriching your ability to perform as a parent, as a life coach, in your work or business and get the absolute most enjoyment from life.

It’s all about communication. Not just the words we use (they actually have very little impact) it’s about the tone we use, our body language and the messages we give without even realising it. Learn how to say I like you, I appreciate you, I respect you, I am listening. Not only to the outside world, but internally as well.

Learning NLP

You are ready to go right now. There are no requirements for previous experience or knowledge. How is that possible? We are already using these techniques every day naturally. This is our internal, automatic human interaction ability.

Because it’s automatic we may have developed some techniques, strategies and patterns that are unhelpful, undesired, possibly even damaging.

We often unintentionally use damaging phrases and internal patterns that do not give ourselves the best outcomes in life, especially when stressed or emotional.

For example, bingeing on ice cream when we are stressed or maxing out a credit card when a store has a sale. In NLP training we uncover the unconscious patterns that we use and bring them to our conscious awareness so that we can use them positively to get the maximum and most beneficial results.

Sometimes we do need to think about our breathing, when we are panicked or emotional, we can breathe too shallow or not enough resulting in lack of oxygen and limited ability. Thinking is just the same. Sometimes we need to slow it down, calm down to bring more choices, more flexibility and ability to respond, that is not available on auto pilot mode.

Benefits of NLP Training

If you feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall some days, NLP training will help you identify what that wall is, and how to get through, around or over it.

Not only will you have the ability to engage with people in the most respectful and rewarding way, you will also learn to see and break through really big blocks that are holding you back from success.

Past traumas and negatives beliefs about yourself and your ability can be gently and easily overcome using NLP techniques. Give yourself the ability to acknowledge more choices and overcome limiting beliefs or negative emotions preventing positive action or growth. This is a training that can change your life from the moment you begin. All you need to do is listen to the trainer, apply the learning and practice your skills. That’s it!

Is NLP Training Right For You?

While anyone can benefit from NLP training in so many amazing and surprising ways, you do need to be ready and make room for this incredible change. If the following statements are true, you are in the right place for our NLP Online Training.

  • You want to develop excellence in Communication, Psychology and Emotions?
  • You are ready to create positive and rewarding connections with your children, your partner and, or, your parents.
  • You are ready to step up at work with confidence and be rewarded for your achievements.
  • You want the ability to connect with new people in any situation and create new friendships and opportunities
  • You are committed to giving your all to your training
  • You are ready to give yourself the tools you need to make your dreams come true

Learning NLP Options

Our Excellence Now course is an incredible way to practice NLP techniques with hands-on demonstrations and the opportunity to practice with your classmates. Face to face you rapidly learn how unique each individual is, notice the difference personality types can make and adjust from feedback in the room straight away.

You are given all the tools and ability you need to become a certified NLP practitioner. You also develop life long friendships and relationships with people who are travelling this incredible journey of self-development with you.

Today, as we move into the expansive world of technology we are able to offer the option of completing your NLP training ONLINE.

When is this the right option to take?

Online NLP Training is perfect for you if:

You are not able to travel.

Do the online NLP training anywhere in the world.

You have limited time.

Do the course at your own pace and take things as slowly as you like. Find the schedule that works around your kids, your study or your work schedule.

Save money

The online course is a great way to get a solid introduction to NLP without the expense of the full course.

Get comfortable

Do the course in your PJs in the comfort of your own home environment.

Revisit and Refresh as often as you like

If a technique or a concept is eluding you, stay on it for as long as you like to gain full understanding and ability to perform every tool to your best ability.

Our online training course includes:

10 video training modules, with Matt Catling the Founder and CEO of Your Future Now. Matt has 20 years experience in NLP coaching and mentoring and his skills and knowledge are simply unmatched in Australia.

1 –Neuro-Linguistic Programming: how it works to create excellence

2 – The ultimate power of body language

3 – Connections, trust and respect through building rapport

4 – Communication. What are you really saying? Build awareness to make significant changes

5 – Changing State. The three points of state and how the smallest change makes the biggest difference, not just to you, but to everyone around you

6 – Releasing negative emotions with the king of NLP. Time Line Therapy technique

7 – Remove Limiting Beliefs that are preventing your from taking action to your goals

8 – Strategies for success in business and life. Know where you are going and get to a great place quickly

9 – How to create and improve personal and professional relationships

10 – Self-talk your way to success

You also get:

– Printable course information

– Access to our NLP Online Facebook group to ask questions from our expert team or connect with other students to set up practice times.

If you are unsure or are hesitant about what is to come, please contact our team on 1800552168 to discuss if you are ready for the NLP discovery. Change your life. Change your thinking.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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