Live it Now Keeps Transforming Lives!

Live it Now Keeps Transforming Lives!

Over the weekend, we celebrated one of the biggest and most life-changing Live it Now events in our history!

With record numbers booked in for the weekend, three of our Melbourne family made the decision on Friday afternoon to drive through the night to come and support the participants on their journey of transformation. Talk about commitment! It really set the scene for a hugely energising weekend.

One of the best things about running personal development courses is seeing people connect.

Human Connection

Connection is one of the primal human needs, yet today many of us have become so disconnected from those around us that we’re numb, existing rather than truly living.

On Saturday, we began with a room full of strangers giving each other the ‘Mexican Stare-off’. By Sunday evening, a family had been created. It was a safe place where people could share their hopes and dreams, hug their comrades, and form what will become life-long connections born out of the creation of a safe and supportive environment.

This was personally one of the most rewarding Live it Now weekends we have ever run. My beautiful mum was a participant for the first time ever! She even got up on stage and gave a presentation on her life as a herbalist, the benefits of an alkaline diet, and how herbs can help to neutralise health problems that people have been carrying for a lifetime. I’m such a proud son!

World Class Presentations

Our presenters Bianca, Dan and Miranda took their energy to a whole new level, and delivered some of the most incredible presentations I’ve ever seen in my life, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot! They were so inspiring, I just hope I was able to match their performances!

Your Future Now has been set up to offer the best NLP courses on the market today, with Live it Now being an opportunity for the team and I to give something back to the community. Watching people transform from places of fear and sadness, often not able to receive love, to a place of excitement and passion for their lives is just so, so rewarding.

I can’t wait to work with this group on their personal development plan, and watch them experience massive results in all areas of their lives over the coming years.

If it’s time for you to Live it Now, book your free ticket today!

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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