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Hi, Matt Catling here and welcome to Live it Now TV – helping you create freedom in life and business. Now today we are going to talk about how to make rapid changes in your life that actually last. So, stay tuned as I have a 5-step process that I am going to share with you that has literally helped over 50,000 people transform their lives.

So, how can I do this formula? The funny thing is that I created this formula from frustration. I started on the journey of personal development, in fact I was 12 years old and I went to my first NLP seminar and the funny thing was that I was dragged there kicking and screaming by my Dad. I totally didn’t want to go.

This training opened up my eyes and sent me on a journey of transformation. I became a bit of a junkie, attending every seminar I possibly could with a new belief that I could actually change. Previously, I thought it was impossible.

But my frustration continues because I would go to these seminars and seminar after seminar being really motivated and falling back into old patterns. I got to the point where I thought it was all garbage and I turned my back on this and I said no more.

Then I attracted a massive crisis into my life and returned to working on myself. This time, with more focus and commitment. In my early 20’s I started to notice that a lot of people felt the same way as me. They’d get really, really motivated and then they would fall back into old patterns.

This got me thinking. Imagine building a company that was focused on follow through combing everything from psychology, coaching, consulting – the best strategies from around the globe. Then really being able to systematize it and put it into one method.

Now, fast forward to 10 years later, I created RTC which stands for Rapid Change Technologies. So, now I want to share with you the 5 steps to rapid change which is really the foundations of RCT.

Step 1: Commitment

Often in life what I’ve found is that how you start is how you finish. Commitment is letting go of the exit strategy and showing up. At my Live it Now seminars, I say that 90% of success is just showing up.

When often I set goals with people, they set unconscious goals. If they don’t achieve their goal, they can always go back to what they were previously doing. Now, remember the bigger the goal, the more chaos you are going to attract and so a lot is done psychologically before you even start.

You have to prepare your mind. You have to get leverage on yourself and make a really congruent decision, not a decision in hesitation. Remember what I often say is hesitation equals pain and commitment equals pleasure.

So, if you decide upfront I’m willing to change, willing to endure whatever comes my way. I am willing to show up to the challenge – get off from sitting on the fence because it gives you splinters and show up with all of your might and all of your glory.

Your unconscious mind really switches on when you commit to making a decision.

Step 2: Release

Releasing is very important. It is simply releasing the negative programming often from childhood. Programming in the form of limiting decisions, negative belief systems like emotions fear, anger, sadness and guilt.

The challenge, I find, in the therapy world is that people go into this work without a lot of commitment, which is pillar number 1. So, therefore, the unconscious mind isn’t really switched on to the level that it could be so the release process doesn’t really make long-term shifts.

What you need to realise, is the unconscious mind is like a 5 year old child. It will take the path of least resistance. You really need to lock in it – lock it down. The other thing that I find is that people can stay stuck in therapies and releasing over and over again and really getting stuck in the problem and staying there. This can cause analysis paralysis and people getting stuck in their heads. The key is, after releasing one limiting decision or belief; you have to move to the next steps.

Step 3: Focus

You either know what you want or you know what you don’t want. We have to develop space psychologically and develop the habit of thinking about what you actually want. The vacuum law of prosperity applies here. In order to create something new, you need to create space by letting go of something old.

Often people come to me and say, “I don’t know what I want to do in my life or I don’t know what my passion is.” Yet they tell me every single thing that they don’t want to experience in their life. In fact, they could right me pages of lists of all the things that they don’t want to experience or don’t want to have happen.

So, when I started to develop the habit of what we really want, you literally start to experience a new world. You start to see opportunities instead of challenges. As your confidence starts to build, you really start to take advantage of those opportunities.

This is a habit that really must be formed and consistently worked on.

Step 4: Influences

The question is, what are your influences? Are they helping you move in the right direction? Are they in alignment with the previous step which is focus?

The biggest influences are often people – the people who are often closest to you like friends, family, work colleagues and often what happens is that when you learn some new information like this, you start to focus on what you want then you notice resistance.

Your psychology has changed but theirs hasn’t so they will project their fears and beliefs onto you, especially things that challenge their model of the world.

Now, I am not about getting rid of all your family and friends but what I want to suggest to you is really open up your network of influences. Get out there and hang out with people that are getting the results that you want in life.

Ideally, they are at the next level of performance – whatever goal it is that you want to achieve. People often say how do I find these people? My answer to you is start showing up – put yourself in environments where successful people hang out.

Go to seminars in advance, like Live it Now. Our Live it Now Training is one of the greatest places to meet high achievers.

Step 5: Action

Now, think of the previous steps. You’re now massively committed, you’re ready to face any challenge. You released any negative belief systems and past fears that have been holding you back and now suddenly you are really clear on what you want. You’re surrounded by mentors and coaches and experts that “have your back”. Now, do you think by this stage you are ready to take massive action? You betcha!

It’s simply a natural process of momentum and the key with this step is identifying the core dollar producing activities that are often outside of your comfort zone.

Instead of wasting your time on things that really don’t get you any closer to what you want, this is often why successful people achieve so much more than most people and in a shorter time frame.

Now, really important, if you notice your momentum stops you simply go back to the top of the list and start again and in my experience you stop because you have stopped focusing on what you want. Or conversely, you haven’t surrounded yourself with people who are playing a bigger game than you.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Live it Now TV. The next Live it Now episode of Live it Now TV is coming up. Check out and make sure you stay tuned next Tuesday for the next episode and jump onto my Facebook page after the video. This is where the best conversations happen.

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