Looking for a Life Coach in Sydney?

Looking for a Life Coach in Sydney?

Thanks to modern technology, you can work as a life coach in Sydney, New York, London, or from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

This also means you can access a life coach from anywhere in the world to help you achieve your goals too.

At Coach Now, we train some of the best life coaches in Australia, right here in Sydney. You can access any of our coaches online and take rapid steps towards your goal, face to face, over a video call, or even over the phone.

With their help, you can literally make your dreams come true.

One of the best things about 21st-century technology is we are more united now than ever before. Our communities have really opened up and we can talk about anything, to anyone, anywhere.

It’s helpful…to a point. I’m saying that because someone was talking to me recently about an anonymous Facebook group for parents who hate being parents. It’s a group designed for people (men and women) who feel trapped into parenthood and strangled by the life they are ‘forced’ to live for their kids. A debate opened up about how therapeutic a group like that actually is.

They asked me, “Matt, is this helping?”

Sort of. Identifying and expressing your conflicts is step one, getting to the other side of that conflict is step two.

Until recently, just getting to step one was difficult You may have noticed that your grandparents or your great-grandparents lived in a world where everything was private. They were not ‘allowed’ to really discuss anything that was going on in their family or in their head. Some people lived through incredible traumas and never said anything about it.

At least now these social media groups give people the ability to open up about their feelings, and provides people with a platform to express themselves and explain their situation. It doesn’t always give them the tools to make a difference though. That’s where a really good life coach comes in!

Finding a Great Life Coach

Venting about your problems on Facebook or Reddit can be helpful in terms of identifying a conflict. It can be a relief to see that you are not alone and your emotions are ‘normal’. It doesn’t necessarily solve the problem or give positive long-term solutions. There needs to be some kind of active positive goal and healing to work towards. A great life coach can take you through the steps quickly and easily using a variety of healing techniques and step by step instructions that are designed by you.

It’s all about giving you choices and helping you take steps to the future you want for yourself.

If you stay in step one, you run the risk of amplifying the original wound. That story of “I didn’t want kids and now they are ruining my life” gets recycled, validated and strengthened through retelling and spending time with like-minded people who tell the same story.

A lot of time is spent talking about negatives, this is focussing on what we don’t want. The questions I ask are “What do you want?” and “How can you get it?”

In the case of something like this, “I wish I never had kids” is negative, so it’s time to stop repeating that story and look at something else, like, “I want a life of balance and variety with my kids.” Or “I want a life where I am an individual and a parent equally.” That’s something positive and very achievable… if you are willing to revisit your story and actually make some changes.

We have a saying at Live it Now: If you want to change something in your life, you actually have to change something in your life!

I’m not saying you have to change everything, flick a switch and change overnight or go it alone. There are plenty of places you can go for support and advice. Hiring a life coach is one of the directions you can take if you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your life. A life coach will help you identify the area of your life you want to focus on using a map that lets you rank where you feel you are at in every area of life, and decide what will be most beneficial for you to work on.

From there you can develop a goal to work towards and get lessons on how to identify and break through the habits and patterns that have been keeping you stuck for so long.

For me, the discussion about what to do if you hate being a parent is an exciting one. If the people who feel trapped in their role as a mum or dad can actually reach out for help, the ripple effect would be enormous. Spoken out loud or not, if you feel trapped and dissatisfied your kids know about it. Imagine their freedom and their gain if you could overcome feelings of depression, anger and suffocation as well as the extreme guilt for feeling those things. The ability and quality of life for every single family member would just soar. I get so excited thinking that a whole family would be able to move from surviving to thriving and knowing that the kids also have the ability to make more choices as they grow and start their own families just through one life coaching program. It’s awesome!

Life Coach Training in Sydney

A really great life coach, like the ones we train in Sydney, have all the skills to help you towards your goal. You make every decision for your goal from start to finish. All your life coach will do is open up more choices and more awareness of yourself and your circumstances. It’s a very empowering process because you get to solve your own problems and reach your personal goals with help and support.

Most people who hire a life coach from our Sydney team are amazed by how much they can accomplish in their lives! Reviews about our life coaches say that people didn’t know they had it in them, to achieve a goal that rapidly and completely turn their life around. Usually when someone has a great experience like that they want to become a life coach themselves. It feels great, to help someone and empower them, simply through asking the right questions, remaining free of judgement and connecting with people.

People who complete life-coaching courses through our Sydney training facility are rewarded on so many different levels. It helps them be better partners, parents, siblings, children and teachers, and even if they choose not to go on to work as life coaches, they are able to help themselves and have a deeper understanding of their identity and purpose.

To get these benefits you don’t even need to ‘work’ on your family, actually, I advise you not to!

The benefits are there because when you train to be a life coach you learn so much about yourself and how you interact with people. You learn how to get creative with your opportunities and open up new pathways of opportunity.

If you do decide to work as a full time or part time life coach then that deep understanding of yourself strengthens every time you work with someone new. It’s a win-win situation, and I love those.

One of the best ways to know if you want to work as a life coach is to get a life coach and experience the whole process as a client. It gives you greater flexibility and understanding of how to be a life coach later on.

Whatever you are stuck on, no matter how ugly it might seem, it’s worth talking about and getting ahead of it with the personal guidance of one of Sydney’s best life coaches. No matter where you are, connect with yourself and break free from the cycle that is preventing you from reaching success, fulfilment or happiness and give yourself great choices for your future.

If you want to step up and play a bigger game by becoming a life coach, our course Coach Now might be the best way for you to do it.

Matt Catling

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