Manually reset your brain doing these 5 simple things

Manually reset your brain doing these 5 simple things

Would you like to master your thoughts and mentally reset your state of mind? With Nero linguistic programming (NLP) training you can, and the change happens in an instant.

It’s all to do with mindset. By understanding that all change happens at a subconscious neurological level we can bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the source.

If you have ever felt stuck, or maybe you are in a stuck place right now, you might feel that a change in behaviour or thought process has to be slow, repetitive and hard work, or maybe you believe there is no change possible at all.

The Study of NLP

As more and more research and study is done on our brain’s ability and as we uncover the thought patterns of successful people, we are gaining more effective strategies for getting to a place of fulfilment, success, and happiness.

When we study NLP, we simply engage the part of the brain that is already in motion. It runs on autopilot day in, day out to create thoughts and reactions that get us moving in the most effective way. By tapping into our mind’s natural processes and feeding ourselves effective and proven positive information, we can bring about a new and powerful mindset pattern that lasts. You retrain your brain!

The old way of thinking about having a powerful mindset was mind over matter, that our brains are more powerful than our bodies and by overriding the body, we get what we want. What that created was a battle, with a winner and loser and people as individuals deciding ‘which one am I, Body over mind or mind over body?’

The real trick to having success is not to separate them, your mind and body communicate to each other and to the world constantly to meet needs, to fulfil wishes, and to avoid fears. So instead of choosing body over mind or mind over body, how about we engage both at once for instant and authentic positive change for better performance?

Reset Your Brain

Our bodies communicate. What we see, what we hear, our body language and our senses all assist in how we think. Our sensors communicate quietly and automatically to our mind and just as quietly and just as automatically, our mind responds and sends an action to our body.

As soon as we bring our automatic thought patterns to a conscious level, we can choose new, more successful actions. The words we say, the way we hold ourselves, the things we see and the people we interact with. It’s those choices that enable us to manually reset our mental state to get out of a slump, make a great impression, or open new exciting opportunities.

The second you give your brain a faster, more effective pathway it will take it instantly. This is because our brains will always choose the path of least resistance. The example I love best is this one. Let’s imagine you drive your car the same way to work every day, then, one day there are road works and you have to take a detour. You get to work 10 minutes earlier. How long before you take that detour again? Immediately! You don’t even have to think about it. The quickest route to goal will be taken.

The best part about this is you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are five simple ways you can reset your brain for better performance.

You can implement these strategies today and see how easy it is to manually reset your brain.

1. Delete Negative Words
We sometimes use negative words without even realising it. It’s a phrase or a term we adopted listening to our family or social networks and, while they don’t mean anything consciously, they have an impact on our actions.

One of the biggest ones is the word TRY. If you say, internally or externally, “I’m going to try to finish work early today to be at my son’s performance”, chances are, you won’t make it and you will be anxious about the time and being late all day. By giving your brain an out, you are setting yourself up to remain on other people’s schedules. If you say, internally or externally, “I am going to finish work early today,” you instantly send a signal to your brain for a desired result. It will affect how you talk to people, and your feeling will not be anxiety for being late, rather determination to be early and the actions required to achieve that goal.

“Try” is one word you can delete from your vocabulary immediately and to better results. Also, remove the words “can’t” and “but”. Saying “I can’t” instantly makes it true. Instead, turn it into a question, “How can I?”

“The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not. Are both correct”

― Confucius

When you say something great, then say “but” and follow with a negative you undo your positive and leave only the negative. Effectively you just erase everything you said before the ‘but’.

For example. Instead of saying “I’d really love to go away for Easter but I can’t afford it,” which would leave you feeling powerless and stuck, you could say ask yourself “how can I afford to go away for Easter?” This would enable choices to come forward and creative solutions to present themselves, leaving you feeling optimistic and energised!

Or you can switch them around so you say your negative, then follow it with a positive. “I was going to stay at home this Easter but I need a change of scenery so I’m going to do some bush walking.” See the difference?

The words you use can also be labels. If you have labelled yourself as ‘shy’, then you give yourself permission to be socially withdrawn and awkward. If you were to label yourself as someone who is ‘quietly confident’, you allow yourself to engage with people and enjoy the conversation without putting pressure on yourself to speak up and be talkative.

Think about how you label yourself or how other people label you and get rid of any label that is not empowering or positive, replacing it with one that is more accurate, more fulfilling and more flexible.

2. Physiology
How we hold our bodies, our body language, gestures and posture, has an effect on our state of mind as well as showing others how to treat us.

“The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your mind and body is in.”

—Tony Robbins

You’d know instantly if a person was depressed by the way they held themselves. Their shoulders would be slumped, their head down and their speech slow. In the same way, you would know if a person were confident because their shoulders would be back, their head up, they’d make eye contact and speak with volume and conviction.

It would be impossible for a person in a slumped state to feel confident. The only emotions possible in this position are more negativity. The connection between body and brain is too powerful for anything else to get through!

By changing the body a person literally changes their state of mind. By using your body as a communication tool to yourself and others, you can instantly reset your mind to one of positive success just by sitting or standing straight, holding your head up, shoulders back and making eye contact.

In a learning environment, sitting straight will make you more alert, becoming aware of your peripherals, which will enable you to broaden your thinking and take more information in.

Negative body language can only result in negative emotions or mindset.

Positive body language creates alertness and a more positive mindset and ability to be successful in whatever it is you are looking to achieve.

3. Surrounding Influences
This is most certainly one of the most powerful methods for success. Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference to how you think, what you say, and how you act.

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.”
– Joel Osteen

By being around positive people who are successful in your area of interest you will naturally and instantly absorb their state. You will know this from personal experience, if you are around a friend who is dizzy with excitement you pick up on some of that excitement too. If you are around someone who is feeling down, you will automatically adopt that state of mind in order to connect with them and offer comfort.

Have you ever walked into a room where a couple have been fighting? You may not have heard any of their argument but you know instantly that they are arguing because, as the saying goes, you could cut the air with a knife, the tension is so thick. We are not usually aware of the energy we create with other people, getting in tune with it consciously means we can choose the environments we want to be around to create a better mindset and greater success.

That’s not to say you should throw out your friendships or family members that are potentially negative, just that you create balance by including time with positive people who are achieving the success you are striving for.

It’s also a matter of using the negative word example to reframe negatives you hear from others and turn them into positives of your own. Part of the Coach Now course is all about understanding how and why people around you may be triggers for emotion and how to instantly turn it off through understanding that you project what you believe.

You can practice this by simply being aware of the ambience around you when you are with other people.

Even right this moment you can change state just my considering yourself in each of the following environments for a minute or two and checking in on how you would feel and how you would think in these differing situations. You may even feel those things as you think them!

• A focused library study group
• A meditation hall
• A boxing match
• A scary movie
• A funeral
• A wedding
• A comedy festival
• A night club
• A street party
• A children’s charity event
• A busload of tourists entering the Grand Canyon National Park

If you are able to get a result just by thinking about it. Imagine how much more powerful it would be to actually be there.

4. Motion
Any kind of movement is great for changing your state of mind. Movement creates energy and when you get that energy going you can get unstuck instantly. If you don’t have time to take a walk put on some music you love and dance like nobody is watching. You don’t even need to get to the end of the song to feel better, more energised, more focused and ready for action.

Using a song you already feel good about is an anchor, and anchoring is a fantastic instantaneous way to change state. We teach anchoring in Excellence Now as well as some of the powerful sophisticated anchoring processes such as chaining and stacking anchors. We all have naturally occurring anchors as well, in smells and photographs, objects and songs.

By coupling movement and anchoring you double up on positive state and really get yourself manually shifted to a more empowering, positive mindset that will create opportunity and action for success.

5. Visualise Your Goal
A person in a stuck mental state thinks about their problems. Their energy and thoughts are on, “What’s wrong with me?” or they’re simply thinking about how they are feeling, causing a negative downward spiral.

For example, making lists internally on how unlucky they are, how they always fail or how nothing ever works out. All these thoughts are in the past.

You can manually reset this thinking instantly by visualising a goal for the future and manually shifting your thoughts to a positive place.

What kind of future do you want for yourself? How would you like your future to be? Visualise what that will feel like, look like and be like!

What are your favourite things about that future goal?

In order to get to that desired place in six months, three years or seven years’ time, what action steps do you need to take next year, next month, next week and today?

By working backwards from your end goal to your current position you can put in place small, achievable actions steps that will lead you to your greater goal with consistent effort over time. You have to do the work to get to a goal, nothing will change that, however, it’s about understanding that the whole goal isn’t achieved in one leap.

The work you do is always in achievable portions that are flexible and rewarding. You might find there are some labels you need to remove on the way. When you focus your energy on where you are going, rather than where you are now, you give your mind a positive and powerful direction to take with a desirable, specific and exciting result.

When this is your mindset you are well on your way to achieving any success. How you perform in three years’ time actually depends on the mindset you choose today, so while you can’t achieve overnight success, you can achieve an instant reset on how you direct your thoughts.

Learn how to reset your brain with these five simple strategies.

Learn To Retrain Your Brain

In Excellence Now, students go even deeper with some amazing instant mindset change techniques, including anchoring, swish patterns, and Time Line Therapy.

By using NLP techniques we can literally assist people to change limiting decisions and beliefs that previously caused deep internal labels to be placed on themselves, others and the world in general.

By locating and bringing these labels to conscious awareness they are able to make instant changes to break through the barriers that were creating friction in their lives and preventing them from achieving their goals and being successful.

We used to think that the wounds and traumas we had growing up would be with us for life, but Time Line Therapy techniques are able to create an instant mindset change on even the oldest wounds, turning them into your superpowers and greatest strength.

While changing your thoughts can be instant, changing your whole persona will take time so be sure to have a positive goal for where you want to be and give yourself adequate time to adjust.

Getting there is part of the journey.

What I find is you will see results instantly with these techniques and real, complete change 3-6 months after completing a training course. It takes some time to integrate these new patterns completely, as it’s essential that we feel safe making these changes. Once everything has had a chance to settle in and adjust and prove itself to be true, your mindset for success and confidence will be natural and automatic.

If you’re ready to retrain your brain, register for our next Excellence Now training and get ready for the ultimate brain reset!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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