Meet Miranda’s Mentor: Michael Adamedes

Meet Miranda’s Mentor: Michael Adamedes

Live it Now presenter Miranda is known as the Relationship Queen for her unique ability to combine her knowledge of communication with relationship coaching to achieve incredible results for her clients. Even the best need to work on themselves, so in 2015 Miranda took the opportunity to learn directly from Michael Adamedes when she attended his Love & Power seminar.

“I really wanted to do a seminar that was going to be really personal and clear a lot of emotions after a tough year having lost my mum. With Michael’s 40 years of experience, I knew that he was armed with some of the deepest, most powerful transformation techniques. He has an amazing track record and he is one of the top therapists in this country.

“Michael immediately had a tick next to his name for me, then given the education around relationships and me being Your Future Now’s relationship expert, it was a no-brainer for me to learn from someone I respect, so I decided to complete his course and I got so much more than I came for!”

Personal Breakthroughs

By having her own breakthroughs during the course, and learning the techniques Michael teaches over the three days, Miranda has been able to take her relationship coaching to an even higher level for her clients.

“It was great to be in the audience as a participant and be alongside people who had come back for a second training with Michael. The energy in the room was amazing and the transformations were lasting.

“The transformations came as a result of Michael’s wealth of knowledge and powerful techniques. The techniques Michael takes you through are just mind-blowing and the results have been too! And not just in my personal relationships, but also in business, which I wasn’t expecting.”

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Throughout the course, Michael explores both sides of masculine and feminine energy. Often the wounds that people feel throughout their lives is a generational pain that has gone unresolved, causing an imbalance in energy in the present day. By releasing the limiting patterns of family history, Love & Power participants such as Miranda are able to move towards becoming truly happy and successful.

“What I learnt about love and power is that love relates to feminine energy, and specifically the relationships between a mother’s bloodline and ancestry. Power relates to that masculine, or fatherly energy flowing through us.

“If you have a masculine energy as a female, it doesn’t make you ‘butch’. The masculine energy is about setting goals and achieving them and setting boundaries and going forward, it’s more active. Whereas the feminine energy is more about going with the flow, being more accommodating, saying yes and those sorts of things.

“Love & Power really taught me the importance of not just having one of those energies, but having both at 10/10 in complete harmony and balance. The more loving you can be the more powerful you are and vice versa.”

Learning Forgiveness

By placing herself in an environment where people wanted to learn how to create powerful relationships and be open to accepting more love in their lives, Miranda was able to discover the power of forgiveness. As a result, she has moved to a more peaceful place in her life.

“We took part in some powerful forgiveness sessions, and through these particular activities, I noticed that different relationships or different situations that had been triggering me in the past, no longer fazed me at all after that event.

“I also noticed that my emotions were a lot calmer and balanced, whereas I had felt like I was on more of a rollercoaster before that. The wealth of knowledge that I have been able to integrate into my own coaching practice as a relationship coach has just been phenomenal and has given me a new depth of understanding of physiology, spirituality, and relationships.

Michael Adamedes the Presenter

Almost everyone who meets Michael is amazed by his calmness, compassion, and wealth of knowledge. A psychotherapist for more than 35 years, Michael Adamedes brings together a potent blend of advanced healing techniques in the creation of a highly personalised and powerful experience that is as educational as it is fun.

“As a presenter, Michael is fantastic, dynamic, playful, hilarious and interesting. He’s very knowledgeable and practical, so he has a way of delivering amazingly powerful content that makes you think and achieve real breakthroughs. He has a clear way of teaching concepts to do with spirituality, identity, or mother and father.

“Michael teaches in a way that is easy to remember and to connect to your own life. It was so entertaining, two and a half days felt like a half day because he covered so much and it was genuinely interesting. After completing Love & Power I immediately booked in for one-on-one sessions with him because I just couldn’t get enough. He was absolutely awesome!

If you’re ready for more love and power in your life, register today for Michael’s next course beginning in Sydney on September 2.

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