New Year Goal Setting

New Year Goal Setting

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s the time of the year that people start to make new year’s resolutions and start new year goal setting for the things they want to achieve. The new year is often seen as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to turn over a new leaf. Despite previous resolutions being broken or goals being forgotten, this time things will be different!

Can you relate?

The thing is every single person who sets a goal fully intends to achieve it. So what separates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t?

It’s not one thing, it’s a combination of mindset, support, and knowing how to set a goal.

New Year Goal Setting Strategies

At Live it Now one of the most important processes we go through is teaching a strategy for successful goal setting. We want to set a goal that is scary and exciting at the same time. A goal that you are emotionally invested in, and will do whatever it takes to achieve!

This is called the I AM SMART goal setting technique, and it stands for;

I – Inspiring. Your goal must inspire you!


M – Motivating. Your goal needs to motivate you to get up at 5am and work for it, even when it would be easier to hit snooze and sleep until 8.

S – Specific. If your goal is around finances, what exact sum can you see when you log into internet banking? If it is around weight, what number do you see on the scales?

M – Measurable. We often overestimate what we can do in a month, and underestimate what we can do in a year. To make a goal measurable, we need to set milestones we want to achieve along the way.

A – Achievable. Has anyone before you achieved what you want to? If a goal is unachievable, it’s easy to lose heart and lose focus, then progress stops. When setting a goal, make sure you believe you can achieve it.

R – Risky. We want your goal to be achievable, but not easy! By making it risky, you should get that nervous feeling in your stomach that tells you you’re onto something big, something you’re invested in, something you need to do!!

T – Tangible. You have to know when you have achieved your goal. What will your life look like? Feel like? Sound like? How will you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have achieved your goal?

At Live it Now we set the goal, install it into the unconscious mind, then let it go.


When we focus too much on the ‘what’ and not the ‘how’, overwhelm can set in.

This means we can put ourselves under a lot of pressure to achieve our goals all in the first weeks of January, which sets us up for failure. By following the I AM SMART goal setting technique, you are set up for long-term success in goal setting.

New Year Goal Setting Coaching

When you engage a life coach to help you set your I AM SMART goals, you have someone who will keep you accountable. Your coach is not emotionally invested in your goal or the challenges that will undoubtedly come up along the way.

Goal setting is an exciting process! When you see what you can achieve, you’re often as high as a kite, your motivation and commitment are at 100%, you would walk through fire to achieve your goal!

Then a setback happens.

Maybe you binge on pizza, give your credit card a workout, or drop your work rate in your business.

At this point, many goals don’t get realised because people don’t have a support network around them.

By engaging a life coach, you will have someone in your corner who is trained in Rapid Change Technologies, and will have the coaching and mentoring techniques you need to see past your problem, get you unstuck, and keep you moving towards your goal. This is why life coaching is so powerful! We all get stuck from time to time, your coach will hold onto your vision and keep you moving towards it.

New Year Goal Setting Mistakes

There are two major mistakes that most people make when they start any new year goal setting process.

  1. They start to focus on what they should do, rather than on what they want to do. At Live it Now we call this shoulding on yourself. If someone sets a goal thinking they should lose weight or should save money, they are setting themselves up to fail, because it’s not what they want to do.
  2. They start to focus on what they should stop doing. They set goals such as quitting smoking because they believe other people want or think they should stop smoking. Again, it’s not what they want to do.

It’s important to ensure your goal is stated in the positive. If we say ‘I don’t want to have any debt’ we will focus on debt. By changing it to ‘I want to have $x in my savings account, we have something we can take steps to achieve.

New Year Goal Setting Commitment

If you have attended a Live it Now event you would have heard us talk about the 5 Steps To Rapid Change.

The first step?


If you are not 100% committed to making the change that you set out to achieve when going through the process of new year goal setting, you will quit at the first sign of trouble.

Likewise, if you are shoulding on yourself, you will quit because you’re doing it for someone else, not for you.

Commitment is the cornerstone of lasting change and follow through!

New Year Goal Setting Community

It’s interesting to think that at this time of year, so many people are making new years resolutions and setting goals for 2017, yet they lack the guidance or support network needed to achieve them.

If you’re ready to find that one thing that you can commit to 100%, that one thing you want more than oxygen, and you want a team of people on the same journey as you ready to support you through every twist and turn of the journey, then finish 2016 on a high and start 2017 with a bang by joining us for our final Live it Now of the year on December 10 & 11 in Sydney!

See you there,

Matt Catling

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