Present From The Stage With Confidence

Present From The Stage With Confidence

If I asked you to present from the stage today, how would you feel? Nervous? Terrified? Would you run and hide?

In August 2010 I attended my first Live it Now.  At the event, we wrote out our Goals of the Training. Mine was to be able to stand up in front of a group of people and be able to deliver an effective and interesting message with confidence.  Whilst I was a very successful, independent, and strong-willed person, able to take on any challenges life threw at me, and also very successful in the corporate world, there was one thing that scared the shit out of me.

Standing up in front of people and having to speak to them.

I could quite easily sit around a table of Directors and CEO’s of large organisations and hold a conversation, but ask me to stand up and everything would fall apart!  I would start shaking, I would get that lovely red glow across my chest and face and my voice would go croaky!  In fact, I was so bad, that if I knew I was going to be getting an award at work, I would rather pull a sickie (known as a Mental Health Day), than have to walk in front of everyone and shake someone’s hand to get my award.  I let my work colleagues collect it for me instead and I would pick it up the next day.  This made no sense as I have always been very confident at work – except for this one thing!  So a huge goal for me was to overcome this fear.

Learning to Present

In 2011 Your Future Now ran its first Influence Now program and BOY what an eye opener.  This course brought up all my stuff on a massive scale! All my issues around self-doubt and rejection were brought to the surface for me to finally deal with.

During the five day’s I was stripped (not physically haha) of these negative beliefs and had the opportunity to replace them with positive belief systems that serve me and allow me to love and accept myself completely.

On Day 5 I gave a presentation in front of all my fellow participants and it was amazing!!  No croaky voice!  No red flush!  No shaking!  People were listening to what I was saying and they were genuinely interested.

I was taught how to deliver an effective message through a number of techniques including attaching stories to the content I was delivering. People were remembering the content I was delivering as everyone loves a good story, it gives them something to relate to.

Presenting From The Stage

Two weeks after graduating Influence Now, Matt put me on stage for the first time at Live it Now.  This was an exciting and scary moment for me as this was the first time I was going to be presenting in front of an audience that didn’t know me.  As I got up to start speaking I started shaking a bit and all my old patterns started coming up.  But I got up, took a deep breath, recalled my training, became present to my audience, and the next thing I knew my time was up!  I loved it!!

After that, I was addicted!!  And for those of you who know me, you will know that it is now hard to get me off the stage, haha!

Presenting is such a powerful and effective way to spread a message to the masses.  Not only do you get to learn so much about yourself but you also get to teach so many people at once, and you witness the light bulb moments that go off in their head when they get it.  Presenting is all about being PRESENT!  And that is what Influence Now teaches you…

Our Influence Now graduates go on to run their own seminars, are guest presenters at live events, and are in demand as speakers across the country.

If you’re ready to take the stage, register for Influence Now today, and you will be running your own seminars by November!

Kind regards,

Bianca van Riet

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